lam-runtime / CONSTANTS(5)
Constants for lam fortran programming
libx11-data / Compose(5)
X client mappings for multi-key input sequences
lsh-doc / DSA(5)
Digital signature algorithm
ocaml-findlib / META(5)
[file that specifies metainformation of ocaml packages] .sh "grammar"
network-manager / NetworkManager.conf(5)
Networkmanager configuration file
pgapack / PGACheckSum(5)
Maps a string to a number to be used a verification check pga_datatype_user is not supported.
pgapack / PGAGetBestIndex(5)
Returns the index of the string with the best evaluation function value in population pop
pgapack / PGAGetRandomSeed(5)
Returns the integer to seed random numbers with
pgapack / PGAGetWorstIndex(5)
Returns the index of the string with the worst evaluation function value in population pop
pgapack / PGAHammingDistance(5)
Calculates the mean hamming distance for a population of binary strings.
pgapack / PGAMean(5)
Calculates the mean value of an array of elements
pgapack / PGARandom01(5)
Generates a uniform random number on the interval [0,1)
pgapack / PGARandomFlip(5)
Flip a biased coin and return pga_true if the coin is a "winner."
pgapack / PGARandomGaussian(5)
Returns an approximation to a gaussian random number
pgapack / PGARandomInterval(5)
Returns a uniform random number on the specified interval
pgapack / PGARandomUniform(5)
Returns a uniform random number on the interval [start,end]
pgapack / PGARound(5)
Mathematically round a double to an integer, using 0.5 as the cutoff value.
pgapack / PGASetRandomSeed(5)
Set a seed for the random number generator.
pgapack / PGAStddev(5)
Calculates the standard deviation of an array of elements
lsh-doc / SHA(5)
Secure hash algorithm
lsh-doc / SPKI(5)
Simple public key infrastructure formats
libmotif-dev / Traits(5)
Traits lists the traits used by the motif toolkit. "traits"
libmotif-dev / UIL(5)
Uil the user interface language file format "user interface language" "uil"
libmotif-dev / WML(5)
Wml the widget meta-language file format for creating uil compilers "widget meta-language" "wml"
libx11-data / XCompose(5)
X client mappings for multi-key input sequences
x11-common / Xsession(5)
Initialize x session
x11-common / Xsession.options(5)
Configuration options for xsession(5)
x11-common / Xwrapper.config(5)
Configuration options for x server wrapper
abook / abookrc(5)
Configuration file for abook address book program
libpam-modules / access.conf(5)
The login access control table file
swift-account / account-server.conf(5)
Configuration file for the openstack-swift account server
manpages / acct(5)
Process accounting file
slurm-client / acct_gather.conf(5)
Slurm configuration file for the acct_gather plugins
freeradius-common / acct_users(5)
User accounting file for the freeradius server
inn / active(5)
List of active usenet newsgroups
adduser / adduser.conf(5)
Configuration file for adduser(8) and addgroup(8).
nullmailer / adminaddr(5)
Insert mail messages into the queue
aewan / aewan(5)
File format documentation
shapetools / af_archive(5)
Format of archive files in the attribute filesystem
apf-client / afclient.conf(5)
Configuration file for afclient
apf-server / afserver.conf(5)
Configuration file for afserver
aide / aide.conf(5)
The configuration file for advanced intrusion detection environment
aide-dynamic / aide.conf(5)
The configuration file for advanced intrusion detection environment
aide-xen / aide.conf(5)
The configuration file for advanced intrusion detection environment
xymon / alerts.cfg(5)
Configuration for for xymond_alert module
sendmail-bin / aliases.sendmail(5)
Aliases file for sendmail
squizz / alifmt(5)
amanda-common / amanda-archive-format(5)
Format of amanda archive streams
amanda-client / amanda-client.conf(5)
Client configuration file for amanda, the advanced maryland automatic network disk archiver
amanda-common / amanda.conf(5)
Main configuration file for amanda, the advanced maryland automatic network disk archiver
am-utils / amd.conf(5)
Amd configuration file
wamerican / american-english(5)
A list of english words
wamerican-huge / american-english-huge(5)
A list of english words
wamerican-insane / american-english-insane(5)
A list of english words
wamerican-large / american-english-large(5)
A list of english words
wamerican-small / american-english-small(5)
A list of english words
openais / amf.conf(5)
Corosync amf configuration file
ample / ample.conf(5)
Configuration file for ample
ample / ample.html(5)
Html template for ample
anacron / anacrontab(5)
Configuration file for anacron
xymon / analysis.cfg(5)
Configuration file for the xymond_client module
and / and.conf(5)
General configuration parameters for the auto nice daemon.
and / and.priorities(5)
Priority database for the auto nice daemon.
erlang-manpages / app(5)
Application resource file.
approx / approx.conf(5)
Configuration file for approx proxy server
lam-runtime / appschema(5)
Lam application schema format
erlang-manpages / appup(5)
Application upgrade file.
apt-p2p / apt-p2p.conf(5)
Apt-p2p.conf configuration file for apt-p2p.conf
apt / apt.conf(5)
Configuration file for apt
apt / apt_preferences(5)
Preference control file for apt
argus-server / argus(5)
Ip network auditing facility
argus-server / argus.conf(5)
Argus resource file.
asmail / asmailrc(5)
The asmail resource file
at / at.allow(5)
Determine who can submit jobs via at or batch
at / at.deny(5)
Determine who can submit jobs via at or batch
atop / atoprc(5)
Atop/atopsar related rcfile
attr / attr(5)
Extended attributes
audispd-plugins / audisp-prelude.conf(5)
The audisp-prelude configuration file
audispd-plugins / audisp-remote.conf(5)
The audisp-remote configuration file
auditd / audispd.conf(5)
The audit event dispatcher configuration file
auditd / auditd.conf(5)
Audit daemon configuration file
auditd / ausearch-expression(5)
Audit search expression format
heartbeat / authkeys(5)
Authentication file for the heartbeat cluster messaging layer
autofs / auto.master(5)
Master map for automounter
autofs / autofs(5)
Format of the automounter maps
autofs-ldap / autofs_ldap_auth.conf(5)
Autofs ldap authentication configuration
autolog / autolog.conf(5)
Configuration file for the autolog command
automx / automx.conf(5)
Automx configuration parameters
automx / automx_ldap(5)
Automx ldap backend configuration parameters
automx / automx_script(5)
Automx script backend configuration parameters
automx / automx_sql(5)
Automx sql backend configuration parameters
avahi-daemon / avahi-daemon.conf(5)
Avahi-daemon configuration file
avahi-daemon / avahi.hosts(5)
Avahi-daemon static host name file
avahi-daemon / avahi.service(5)
Avahi-daemon static service file
away / awayrc(5)
Configuration file for away
awesome / awesomerc(5)
Configuration file for the awesome window manager
awffull / awffull.conf(5)
A webalizer fork, full o' features
ax25-tools / ax25d.conf(5)
Ax25d configuration file.
ax25-apps / ax25ipd.conf(5)
Control the operation of ax25ipd.
ax25-apps / ax25mond.conf(5)
Specify the sockets which axcall will provide.
ax25-apps / ax25rtd.conf(5)
Ax25 routing daemon configuration file
libax25 / axports(5)
Ax.25 port configuration file.
ax25-tools / axspawn.conf(5)
Control the operation of axspawn.
backupninja / backup.d(5)
Action configuration files for backupninja(1).
backupninja / backupninja.conf(5)
Configuration file(s) for backupninja (1).
bandwidthd / bandwidthd.conf(5)
Configuration file for bandwidthd
bandwidthd-pgsql / bandwidthd.conf(5)
Configuration file for bandwidthd
barman / barman(5)
Backup and recovery manager for postgresql
boxbackup-client / bbackupd.conf(5)
Box backup client daemon configuration file
boxbackup-server / bbstored.conf(5)
Box backup store daemon configuration file
bcfg2 / bcfg2-lint.conf(5)
Configuration parameters for bcfg2-lint
bcfg2 / bcfg2.conf(5)
Configuration parameters for bcfg2
bcron / bcrontab(5)
Tables for driving bcron
beets / beetsconfig(5)
Beets configuration file beets has an extensive configuration system that lets you customize nearly every aspect of its operation. to configure beets, you create a file called config.yaml. the location of the file depend on your platform (type beet config -p to see the path on your system): on unix-like oses, write ~/.config/beets/config.yaml. on windows, use %appdata%beetsconfig.yaml. this is usually in a directory like c:usersyouappdataroaming. on os x, you can use either the unix location or ~/library/application support/beets/config.yaml. you can launch your text editor to create or update your configuration by typing beet config -e. (see the config-cmd command for details.) it is also possible to customize the location of the configuration file and even use multiple layers of configuration. see configuration location, below. the config file uses yaml syntax. you can use the full power of yaml, but most configuration options are simple key/value pairs. this means your config file will look like this:
lam-runtime / bhost(5)
Lam boot schema (host file) format
bilibop-common / bilibop.conf(5)
Configuration file of bilibop packages
systemd / binfmt.d(5)
Configure additional binary formats for executables at boot
bip / bip.conf(5)
Configuration file for bip irc proxy
bitlbee-common / bitlbee.conf(5)
Configuration file for bitlbee(8)
bld / bld.conf(5)
Configuration file for bld
bld / bld_acl.conf(5)
Access lists for bld
bld / bld_whitelist.conf(5)
White lists for bld
selinux-utils / booleans(5)
The selinux booleans configuration files
bootcd / bootcd2disk.conf(5)
Configuration file for bootcd2disk
bootcd / bootcdbackup.conf(5)
Configuration file for bootcdbackup
bootcd / bootcdwrite.conf(5)
Configuration file for bootcdwrite
systemd / bootchart.conf(5)
Boot performance analysis graphing tool configuration file
bootp / bootptab(5)
Internet bootstrap protocol server database
bpython / bpython-config(5)
User configuration file for bpython
bridge-utils / bridge-utils-interfaces(5)
Bridge-utils extensions for the interfaces(5) file format
wbritish / british-english(5)
A list of english words
wbritish-huge / british-english-huge(5)
A list of english words
wbritish-insane / british-english-insane(5)
A list of english words
wbritish-large / british-english-large(5)
A list of english words
wbritish-small / british-english-small(5)
A list of english words
btrfs-tools / btrfs(5)
Mount options and supported file attributes for the btrfs filesystem
ant / build.xml(5)
Configuration file used by apache ant to build projects
buildd / buildd.conf(5)
Configuration file for buildd
bwctl-server / bwctld.conf(5)
Bandwidth control daemon configuration file
bwctl-server / bwctld.keys(5)
Bandwidth control daemon aes keyfile database
bwctl-server / bwctld.limits(5)
Bandwidth control daemon policy configuration file
bwctl-server / bwctlrc(5)
Bandwidth control configuration file
libkibi0 / byteprefix(5)
Configuration for display of sizes
bzflag-server / bzw(5)
Bzflag world file format
cachefilesd / cachefilesd.conf(5)
Local file caching configuration file
isdnlog / callerid.conf(5)
Config file for isdnlog numbers and scripts
wcanadian / canadian-english(5)
A list of english words
wcanadian-huge / canadian-english-huge(5)
A list of english words
wcanadian-insane / canadian-english-insane(5)
A list of english words
wcanadian-large / canadian-english-large(5)
A list of english words
wcanadian-small / canadian-english-small(5)
A list of english words
libcap2-bin / capability.conf(5)
Configuration file for the pam_cap module
tinycdb / cdb(5)
Constant database file format
cdde / cdde.xml(5)
Configuration file for cdde
certmonger / certmonger.conf(5)
Configuration file for certmonger
cfingerd / cfingerd.conf(5)
Configurable finger daemon configuration file.
cfingerd / cfingerd.text(5)
Cfingerd text rules
cgilib / cgi(5)
Common gateway interface
xymon / cgioptions.cfg(5)
Command-line parameters for the xymon cgi tools
cgit / cgitrc(5)
Runtime configuration for cgit
cgroup-tools / cgred.conf(5)
Libcgroup configuration file
slurm-client / cgroup.conf(5)
Slurm configuration file for the cgroup support
cgroup-tools / cgrules.conf(5)
Libcgroup configuration file
manpages / charmap(5)
Character set description file
freeradius-common / checkrad(5)
See if a user is (still) logged in on a certain port.
chrony / chrony.conf(5)
Chronyd configuration file
clamav-milter / clamav-milter.conf(5)
Configuration file for clamav-milter
clamav-daemon / clamd.conf(5)
Configuration file for clam antivirus daemon
cups-daemon / classes.conf(5)
Class configuration file for cups
python-cliapp / cliapp(5)
Config file and option conventions for python command line framework
xymon / client-local.cfg(5)
Local configuration settings for xymon clients
cups-client / client.conf(5)
Client configuration file for cups
xymon-client / clientlaunch.cfg(5)
Task definitions for the xymonlaunch utility
freeradius-common / clients.conf(5)
Freeradius client configuration
clustershell / clush.conf(5)
Configuration file for clush
cman / cluster.conf(5)
Configuration file for cman and related daemons
cman / cman(5)
Cluster.conf cman configuration section
magic / cmap(5)
Format of .cmap files (color maps)
cryptmount / cmtab(5)
Static information about filesystems managed by cryptmount
colorgcc / colorgccrc(5)
Configuration file for colorgcc
xymon / combo.cfg(5)
Configuration of combostatus tool
lam-runtime / conf(5)
Lam node process schema
erlang-manpages / config(5)
Configuration file.
connman / connman.conf(5)
Connman configuration file
console-setup / console-setup(5)
Configuration file for setupcon
console-setup-mini / console-setup(5)
Configuration file for setupcon
swift-container / container-server.conf(5)
Configuration file for the openstack-swift container server
inn / control.ctl(5)
Specify handling of usenet control messages
manpages / core(5)
Core dump file
corosync / corosync.conf(5)
Corosync executive configuration file
cpufreqd / cpufreqd.conf(5)
Configuration file for cpufreqd(1)
slurm-client / cray.conf(5)
Slurm configuration file for the cray-specific information
xymon / critical.cfg(5)
Configuration of the showgraph cgi
cron / crontab(5)
Tables for driving cron
systemd-cron / crontab(5)
Tables for driving cron
cryptsetup / crypttab(5)
Static information about encrypted filesystems
vzctl / ctid.conf(5)
Configuration file for an openvz container.
cups-browsed / cups-browsed.conf(5)
Server configuration file for cups-browsed
cups-daemon / cups-files.conf(5)
File and directory configuration file for cups
cups-daemon / cups-snmp.conf(5)
Snmp configuration file for cups
cups-daemon / cupsd.conf(5)
Server configuration file for cups
selinux-utils / customizable_types(5)
The selinux customizable types configuration file
cvs / cvs(5)
Concurrent versions system support files
cvs-autoreleasedeb / cvs-autoreleasedeb.conf(5)
Configuration for cvs-autoreleasedeb
cvsd / cvsd.conf(5)
Configuration file for cvsd.
cvs-buildpackage / cvsdeb.conf(5)
Site-wide configuration file for cvs-buildpackage and friends
cvsgraph / cvsgraph.conf(5)
Cvs/rcs repository grapher configuration
cyrus-common / cyrus.conf(5)
Cyrus configuration file
dacs / dacs.acls(5)
Dacs access control rules
dacs / dacs.exprs(5)
Dacs expression language
dacs / dacs.groups(5)
Dacs groups
dacs / dacs.nat(5)
Notice acknowledgement token specification
dacs / dacs.vfs(5)
The dacs virtual filestore
daemon / daemon.conf(5)
Turns other processes into daemons
darkice / darkice.cfg(5)
Configuration file for darkice
dapl2-utils / dat.conf(5)
Configuration file for static registration of user-level dat rdma providers
gnats-user / databases(5)
The known set of gnats databases
davfs2 / davfs2.conf(5)
Configuration file for mount.davfs
gnats / dbconfig(5)
Gnats database configuration file
dpkg-dev / deb(5)
Debian binary package format
dpkg-dev / deb-control(5)
Debian packages' master control file format
dpkg-dev / deb-extra-override(5)
Debian archive extra override file
dpkg-dev / deb-old(5)
Old style debian binary package format
dpkg-dev / deb-origin(5)
Vendor-specific information files
dpkg-dev / deb-override(5)
Debian archive override file
dpkg-dev / deb-shlibs(5)
Debian shared library information file
dpkg-dev / deb-split(5)
Debian multi-part binary package format
dpkg-dev / deb-src-control(5)
Debian source packages' master control file format
dpkg-dev / deb-substvars(5)
Debian source substitution variables
dpkg-dev / deb-symbols(5)
Debian's extended shared library information file
dpkg-dev / deb-triggers(5)
Package triggers
dpkg-dev / deb-version(5)
Debian package version number format
debconf-doc / debconf.conf(5)
Debconf configuration file
dnet-common / decnet.conf(5)
Decnet hosts file
dnet-common / decnet.proxy(5)
Decnet proxy file
pulseaudio /
Pulseaudio sound server startup script
selinux-utils / default_contexts(5)
The selinux default contexts configuration file
selinux-utils / default_type(5)
The selinux default type configuration file
nullmailer / defaultdomain(5)
Reformat and inject a message into the queue.
nullmailer / defaulthost(5)
Reformat and inject a message into the queue.
adduser / deluser.conf(5)
Configuration file for deluser(8) and delgroup(8).
kmod / depmod.d(5)
Configuration directory for depmod
whereami / detect.conf(5)
Detect.conf provides the configuration for detection of locations for whereami.
devscripts / devscripts.conf(5)
Configuration file for the devscripts package
isc-dhcp-client / dhclient.conf(5)
Dhcp client configuration file
isc-dhcp-client / dhclient.leases(5)
Dhcp client lease database
isc-dhcp-common / dhcp-eval(5)
Isc dhcp conditional evaluation
isc-dhcp-common / dhcp-options(5)
Dynamic host configuration protocol options
dhcp-probe /
Configuration file for dhcp_probe
isc-dhcp-server / dhcpd.conf(5)
Dhcpd configuration file
isc-dhcp-server / dhcpd.leases(5)
Dhcp client lease database
dhcpy6d / dhcpy6d-clients.conf(5)
Clients configuration file for dhcpv6 server dhcpy6d
dhcpy6d / dhcpy6d.conf(5)
Configuration file for dhcpv6 server dhcpy6d
hylafax-server / dialrules(5)
\*(fx dial string processing rules
erlang-manpages / diameter_dict(5)
Dictionary interface of the diameter application.
freeradius-common / dictionary(5)
Radius dictionary file
diod / diod.conf(5)
Distributed i/o daemon configuration file
manpages / dir_colors(5)
Configuration file for dircolors(1)
libdirectfb-bin / directfbrc(5)
Directfb configuration file
libgetdata-tools / dirfile(5)
Dirfile a filesystem based database format for time-ordered binary data
libgetdata-tools / dirfile-encoding(5)
Dirfile-encoding dirfile database encoding schemes
libgetdata-tools / dirfile-format(5)
Dirfile-format the dirfile database format specification file
discover / discover-modprobe.conf(5)
Discover-modprobe.conf configuration file for discover-modprobe(5)
libdiscover2 / discover.conf(5)
Discover.conf configuration file format for discover(1)
amanda-common / disklist(5)
List of partitions to back up for amanda
swift / dispersion.conf(5)
Configuration file for the openstack-swift dispersion tools
magic / displays(5)
Display configuration file
inn / distrib.pats(5)
Default values for usenet distribution header
magic / dlys(5)
Format of .dlys files read by the scald simulator and timing verifier
dnet-common / dnetd.conf(5)
Decnet objects file
hylafax-server / doneq(5)
\*(fx outbound job description
courier-mta / dot-courier(5)
Local mail delivery instructions
obdgpslogger / dot-obdgpslogger(5)
Configuration file for obdgpslogger
qmail / dot-qmail(5)
Control the delivery of mail messages
solid-pop3d / dot-spop3d(5)
User configuration data for the solid pop3 server.
dpkg / dpkg.cfg(5)
Dpkg configuration file
dput-ng / dput(5)
Configuration file format for dput-ng
dput /
Debian package upload tool configuration file
dput-ng /
Debian package upload tool configuration file
dracut / dracut.conf(5)
Configuration file(s) for dracut
dradio / dradio(5)
Danmarks radio netradio player configuration file
drbd-utils / drbd.conf(5)
Configuration file for drbds devices .
drbd-utils / drbd.conf-8.3(5)
Configuration file for drbds devices .
drbd-utils / drbd.conf-8.4(5)
Configuration file for drbds devices .
drbd-utils / drbd.conf-9.0(5)
Drbd configuration files.
dsbltesters / dsbl.conf(5)
Configuration file for all dsbl testers
dselect / dselect.cfg(5)
Dselect configuration file
dsh / dsh.conf(5)
Configuration file for distributed shell, or dancer's shell
dtaus / dtaus(5)
Converter for dtaus files
dupload / dupload(5)
Configuration file for dupload
dupload / dupload.conf(5)
Configuration file for dupload
wdutch / dutch(5)
A list of dutch words
dvdwizard / dvdwizard.conf(5)
Dvdwizard.conf configuration file for dvdwizard
dwww / dwww.conf(5)
Access documentation via www
e2fsprogs / e2fsck.conf(5)
Configuration file for e2fsck
eegdev-plugins-free / eegdev-biosemi(5)
Eegdev backend for biosemi activetwo hardware
eegdev-plugins-free / eegdev-datafile(5)
Eegdev backend for reading from biosignal data file
libeegdev0 / eegdev-open-options(5)
Device configuration format specification
eegdev-plugins-free / eegdev-tobiia(5)
Eegdev backend for tobi interface a
ekeyd / ekeyd.conf(5)
Entropy key configuration
manpages / elf(5)
Format of executable and linking format (elf) files
elinks-data / elinks.conf(5)
Elinks configuration file
elinks-data / elinkskeys(5)
Keybindings for elinks
elza / elza.def(5)
Elza.def elza(1) configuration file
ienglish-common / english(5)
Flag format for english ispell dictionaries
qmail / envelopes(5)
Sender/recipient lists attached to messages
epm / epm.list(5)
Epm list file format.
epylog / epylog-modules(5)
Epylog module cofiguration.
epylog / epylog.conf(5)
Epylog configuration
esmtp / esmtprc(5)
Esmtp configuration file.
exim4-config / etc-aliases(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / etc-email-addresses(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
net-tools / ethers(5)
Ethernet address to ip number database
ettercap-common / etter.conf(5)
Ettercap configuration file
exim4-config / exim4-config_files(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / exim4_exim_crt(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / exim4_exim_key(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / exim4_host_local_deny_exceptions(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / exim4_hubbed_hosts(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / exim4_local_domain_dnsbl_whitelist(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / exim4_local_host_blacklist(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / exim4_local_rcpt_callout(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / exim4_local_sender_blacklist(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / exim4_local_sender_callout(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / exim4_passwd(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / exim4_passwd_client(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
exim4-config / exim4_sender_local_deny_exceptions(5)
Files in use by the debian exim4 packages
inn / expire.ctl(5)
Control file for usenet article expiration
nfs-kernel-server / exports(5)
Nfs server export table
rhc / express.conf(5)
Configuration file for openshift
magic / ext(5)
Format of .ext files produced by magic's hierarchical extractor
e2fsprogs / ext2(5)
The second extended file system ext2 - the third extended file system ext4 - the fourth extended file system
e2fsprogs / ext3(5)
The second extended file system ext2 - the third extended file system ext4 - the fourth extended file system
e2fsprogs / ext4(5)
The second extended file system ext2 - the third extended file system ext4 - the fourth extended file system
slurm-client / ext_sensors.conf(5)
Slurm configuration file for the external sensors plugin
fai-client / fai.conf(5)
Fai configuration
libhts-dev / faidx(5)
An index enabling random access to fasta files
login / faillog(5)
Login failure logging file
selinux-utils / failsafe_context(5)
The selinux fail safe context configuration file
fam / fam.conf(5)
The file alteration monitor (fam) configuration file
mgetty-fax / faxqueue(5)
Sendfax fax spool queue control files
fbset / fb.modes(5)
Frame buffer modes file
feed2imap / feed2imaprc(5)
Feed2imap configuration file
fiaif / fiaif.conf(5)
Fiaif global configuration file
selinux-utils / file_contexts(5)
Userspace selinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the file contexts backend
selinux-utils / file_contexts.homedirs(5)
Userspace selinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the file contexts backend
selinux-utils / file_contexts.local(5)
Userspace selinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the file contexts backend
selinux-utils / file_contexts.subs(5)
Userspace selinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the file contexts backend
selinux-utils / file_contexts.subs_dist(5)
Userspace selinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the file contexts backend
manpages / filesystems(5)
Linux filesystem types: minix, ext, ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, xfs, jfs, xia, msdos, umsdos, vfat, ntfs, proc, nfs, iso9660, hpfs, sysv, smb, ncpfs
filtergen / filter_syntax(5)
Input format for filtergen packet filter compiler
ocaml-findlib / findlib.conf(5)
[configuration of findlib/ocamlfind] .sh "general" there are three possibilities to configure the findlib library: build time: .re before findlib is compiled, a "configure" script is invoked to figure out the settings that are most likely to work on the system. most settings are simply entered into text files and can easily be changed after installation. the following properties cannot be changed later because they are compiled into the resulting binaries: \h'-3m'\z\h'3m' .ft r the default location of the configuration file findlib.conf. however, you can set a different location by the environment variable ocamlfind_conf . \h'-3m'\z\h'3m' .ft r whether the installed o'caml version supports autolinking or not. configuration file findlib.conf: .re an initial version of this file is generated by the configure script, but you are free to modify it later. most important, this file contains the system-wide search path used to look up packages, and the default location where to install new packages. all files with the suffix ".conf" found in the directory findlib.conf.d are also scanned for parameters. environment variables: .re the settings of findlib.conf can be overridden by environment variables. last but not least, several settings can also be passed as command-line options, or by invoking the function findlib.init .
firehol / firehol.conf(5)
Configuration file for firehol(1)
firewalld / firewalld.conf(5)
Firewalld configuration file
firewalld / firewalld.dbus(5)
Firewalld d-bus interface description
firewalld /
Firewalld direct configuration file
firewalld / firewalld.icmptype(5)
Firewalld icmptype configuration files
firewalld / firewalld.lockdown-whitelist(5)
Firewalld lockdown whitelist configuration file
firewalld / firewalld.richlanguage(5)
Rich language documentation
firewalld / firewalld.service(5)
Firewalld service configuration files
firewalld /
Firewalld zone configuration files
firewalld / firewalld.zones(5)
Firewalld zones
yagiuda / first(5)
Output data file format the data files created by the yagi-uda projects first are in the same format as created by input and are described under input(5).
fluxbox / fluxbox-apps(5)
Per-window attribute configuration for fluxbox(1)
fluxbox / fluxbox-keys(5)
Keyboard shortcuts configuration for fluxbox(1)
fluxbox / fluxbox-menu(5)
Fluxbox(1) menu syntax
fluxbox / fluxbox-style(5)
A comprehensive look at styles/themes for fluxbox(1).
predict / fodtrack.conf(5)
Configuration file for fodtrack rotor driver
fontconfig-config / fonts-conf(5)
Font configuration files
apt-forktracer / forktracer.conf(5)
Apt-forktracer configuration file
fp-compiler-2.6.4 / fpc-2.6.4.cfg(5)
Free pascal compiler (fpc) configuration file, name derived from free pascal compiler.
fp-utils-2.6.4 / fpcmake-2.6.4(5)
Configuration file for fpcmake.
freeipmi-common / freeipmi.conf(5)
Specify default values to freeipmi
freeipmi-common / freeipmi_interpret_sel.conf(5)
Specify system event log (sel) interpretation rules
freeipmi-common / freeipmi_interpret_sensor.conf(5)
Specify sensor interpretation rules
wfrench / french(5)
A list of french words
clamav-freshclam / freshclam.conf(5)
Configuration file for clam antivirus database update tool
manpages / fs(5)
Linux filesystem types: minix, ext, ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, xfs, jfs, xia, msdos, umsdos, vfat, ntfs, proc, nfs, iso9660, hpfs, sysv, smb, ncpfs
mount / fstab(5)
Static information about the filesystems
fsvs / fsvs-groups(5)
Patterns are used to define groups for new entries; a group can be used to ignore the given entries, or to automatically set properties when the entry is taken on the entry list. patterns are used to define groups for new entries; a group can be used to ignore the given entries, or to automatically set properties when the entry is taken on the entry list. so the auto-props are assigned when the entry gets put on the internal list; that happens for the add, prop-set or prop-del, and of course commit commands. to override the auto-props of some new entry just use the property commands.
fsvs / fsvs-howto-backup(5)
This document is a step-by-step explanation how to do backups using fsvs. this document is a step-by-step explanation how to do backups using fsvs.
fsvs / fsvs-howto-master_local(5)
This howto describes how to use a single working copy with multiple repositories. this howto describes how to use a single working copy with multiple repositories. please read the howto: backup first, to know about basic steps using fsvs.
fsvs / fsvs-url-format(5)
Fsvs can use more than one url; the given urls are overlaid according to their priority. fsvs can use more than one url; the given urls are overlaid according to their priority. for easier managing they get a name, and can optionally take a target revision. such an extended url has the form
ftp-proxy / ftp-proxy.conf(5)
Configuration file for ftp-proxy
ftpd / ftpchroot(5)
File which lists users who need to be chrooted
ftpd-ssl / ftpchroot(5)
File which lists users who need to be chrooted
fusesmb / fusesmb.conf(5)
The configuration file for fusesmb
filezilla-common / fzdefaults.xml(5)
Default options for filezilla
iirish / gaeilge(5)
Flag format for irish ispell dictionaries
wgaelic / gaelic(5)
A list of scots gaelic words
glibc-source / gai.conf(5)
Getaddrinfo(3) configuration file
manpages / gai.conf(5)
Getaddrinfo(3) configuration file
wgalician-minimos / galician-minimos(5)
A list of galician words, using the "minimos" standard
gammu / gammu-backup(5)
Gammu(1) backup file format. the backup format is text file encoded in either ascii or ucs-2-be encodings. this file use ini file syntax, see ini.
gammu / gammu-smsbackup(5)
Gammu(1) sms backup file format. the sms backup format is text file encoded in current encoding of platform where gammu is running. this file use ini file syntax, see ini.
gammu-smsd / gammu-smsdrc(5)
Gammu-smsd(1) configuration file
gammu / gammurc(5)
Gammu(1) configuration file
git-buildpackage / gbp.conf(5)
Gbp configuration file
gbsplay / gbsplayrc(5)
Gameboy sound player configuration file
bundler / gemfile(5)
A format for describing gem dependencies for ruby programs
gendarme / gendarme(5)
Rule-based code analysis for mono.
genisoimage / genisoimagerc(5)
Startup configuration file for genisoimage
libpam-geoip / geoip.conf(5)
Config file for the pam module pam_geoip
gfs2-utils / gfs2(5)
Gfs2 reference guide
gimp-data / gimprc(5)
Gimp configuration file
gimp-data / gimprc-2.8(5)
Gimp configuration file
git-man / gitattributes(5)
Defining attributes per path
git-man / githooks(5)
Hooks used by git
git-man / gitignore(5)
Specifies intentionally untracked files to ignore
git-man / gitmodules(5)
Defining submodule properties
git-man / gitrepository-layout(5)
Git repository layout
git-man / gitweb.conf(5)
Gitweb (git web interface) configuration file
gkrellkam / gkrellkam-list(5)
Format of the list description files used by gkrellkam
glhack / glhackrc(5)
Configuration file for the glhack game
ganglia-monitor / gmond.conf(5)
Configuration file for ganglia monitoring daemon (gmond)
gnunet / gnunet.conf(5)
Gnunet configuration file
gosa / gosa.conf(5)
Gosa configuration file
xymon / graphs.cfg(5)
Configuration of the showgraph cgi
slurm-client / gres.conf(5)
Slurm configuration file for generic resource management.
milter-greylist / greylist.conf(5)
Milter-greylist configuration file
gross / grossd.conf(5)
Greylisting of suspicious sources daemon configuration file
manpages / group(5)
User group file
libpam-modules / group.conf(5)
Configuration file for the pam_group module
clustershell / groups.conf(5)
Configuration file for clustershell external node groups
passwd / gshadow(5)
Shadowed group file
gtimelog / gtimelogrc(5)
Gtimelog configuration file
gtkwave / gtkwaverc(5)
Gtkwave configuration file
gvpe / gvpe(5)
Overview of the gnu virtual private ethernet suite.
gvpe / gvpe.osdep(5)
Os dependent information
initscripts / halt(5)
Variables that affect the behavior of the shutdown scripts
hdparm / hdparm.conf(5)
Debian configuration file for hdparm
hdup / hdup.conf(5)
The hdup configuration file
libhesiod0 / hesiod.conf(5)
Configuration file for the hesiod library
mercurial-common / hgignore(5)
Syntax for mercurial ignore files
mercurial-common / hgrc(5)
Configuration files for mercurial
hibernate / hibernate.conf(5)
Configuration file for the hibernate script
inn / history(5)
Record of current and recently expired usenet articles
inn2 / history(5)
Record of current and recently expired usenet articles
manpages / host.conf(5)
Resolver configuration file
systemd / hostname(5)
Local hostname configuration file
manpages / hosts(5)
Static table lookup for hostnames
libwrap0 / hosts.allow(5)
Format of host access control files
xymon / hosts.cfg(5)
Main xymon configuration file
nut-cgi / hosts.conf(5)
Access control for network ups tools cgi programs
libwrap0 / hosts.deny(5)
Format of host access control files
manpages / hosts.equiv(5)
List of hosts and users that are granted "trusted" r command access to your system
hylafax-server / hosts.hfaxd(5)
\*(fx client access control list
inn / hosts.nntp(5)
List of hosts that feed nntp news
libwrap0 / hosts_access(5)
Format of host access control files
libwrap0 / hosts_options(5)
Host access control language extensions
hotswap-text / hotswaprc(5)
Configuration file for hotswap
html2ps / html2psrc(5)
Configuration file format for html2ps(1)
html2text / html2textrc(5)
Formatting properties file for html2text(1)
util-linux / hwclock(5)
Variables that affect the behaviour of the hwclock boot script
hylafax-server / hylafax-config(5)
\*(fx configuration database
hylafax-server / hylafax-info(5)
Remote device capability database
hylafax-server / hylafax-log(5)
Session log files
hylafax-server / hylafax-server(5)
Introduction to \*(fx server operation and file formats
hylafax-server / hylafax-shutdown(5)
Server shutdown control file
ircd-irc2 / iauth.conf(5)
The internet relay chat authentication configuration file
nullmailer / idhost(5)
Reformat and inject a message into the queue.
libnfsidmap2 / idmapd.conf(5)
Configuration file for libnfsidmap
iscsitarget / ietd.conf(5)
Configuration for iscsi enterprise target daemon
netscript-2.4 / if.conf(5)
Interface, firewalling, and qos configuration file. /etc/netscript/if.conf - interface setup shell script file /etc/netscript/qos.conf - qos setup shell script file /etc/netscript/ipfilter.conf - ip iptables filtering shell script file
ifplugd / ifplugd.conf(5)
Ifplugd configuration file
ifrename / iftab(5)
Static information about the network interfaces
ifupdown-multi / ifupdown-multi-interfaces(5)
Ifupdown-multi extension for the interfaces(5) file format
cyrus-common / imapd.conf(5)
Imap configuration file
incron / incron.conf(5)
Main config file for inotify cron (incron)
incron / incrontab(5)
Tables for driving inotify cron (incron)
info / info(5)
Readable online documentation
upstart / init(5)
Upstart init daemon job configuration
sysvinit-utils / init-d-script(5)
Interpreter for short and simple init.d scripts.
initramfs-tools / initramfs.conf(5)
Configuration file for mkinitramfs
sysvinit-core / initscript(5)
Script that executes inittab commands.
sysvinit-core / inittab(5)
Format of the inittab file used by the sysv-compatible init process
upstart / inittab(5)
Init daemon configuration
inn / inn.conf(5)
Configuration data for internetnews programs
inn / innwatch.ctl(5)
Control usenet supervision by innwatch
inn2 / innwatch.ctl(5)
Control usenet supervision by innwatch
yagiuda / input(5)
Input data file format
zorp / instances.conf(5)
Zorp(8) instances database
resolvconf / interface-order(5)
Resolvconf configuration file
ifupdown / interfaces(5)
Network interface configuration for ifup and ifdown
manpages / intro(5)
Introduction to file formats
manpages / ipc(5)
System v interprocess communication mechanisms
netscript-2.4 / ipfilter.conf(5)
Interface, firewalling, and qos configuration file. /etc/netscript/if.conf - interface setup shell script file /etc/netscript/qos.conf - qos setup shell script file /etc/netscript/ipfilter.conf - ip iptables filtering shell script file
netscript-ipfilter / ipfilter.conf(5)
Firewalling configuration file. /etc/netscript/ipfilter.conf - ip iptables filtering shell script file
ipfm / ipfm.conf(5)
Ip flow meter configuration file
freeipmi-tools / ipmi-config.conf(5)
Ipmi configuration file details
freeipmi-ipmidetect / ipmidetect.conf(5)
Specify alternate default values for the ipmidetect library
freeipmi-ipmidetect / ipmidetectd.conf(5)
Ipmidetectd configuration file
freeipmi-ipmiseld / ipmiseld.conf(5)
Ipmiseld configuration file
ippl / ippl.conf(5)
Ip protocols logger configuration file
cups-client / ipptoolfile(5)
Ipptool file format
strongswan-starter / ipsec.conf(5)
Ipsec configuration and connections
strongswan-starter / ipsec.secrets(5)
Secrets for ike/ipsec authentication
ipsvd / ipsvd-instruct(5)
Format of the ipsvd(8) instructions directory
iptotal / iptotal_config(5)
Iptotal configuration file
ipv6toolkit / ipv6toolkit.conf(5)
Configuration file for the si6 networks' ipv6 address monitoring daemon (ipv6mon)
ipwatchd / ipwatchd.conf(5)
Configuration file of ipwatchd daemon
wirish / irish(5)
A list of irish words
isdnlog / isdn.conf(5)
Config file for isdnlog
isdnlog / isdnformat(5)
Common isdn config file format
isdnlog / isdnlog(5)
Isdn log file
isdnlog / isdnlog.users(5)
User base isdnlog config file
libraw1394-tools / isodump(5)
Format of ieee 1394 isochronous packets dump file
ispell / ispell(5)
Format of ispell dictionaries and affix files
manpages / issue(5)
Prelogin message and identification file
witalian / italian(5)
A list of italian words
jailer / jailer.conf(5)
Configuration file of jailer
jazip / jazip.conf(5)
Jazip(1) configuration file.
libmng-dev / jng(5)
Jpeg network graphics (jng) sub-format
systemd / journald.conf(5)
Journal service configuration file
jython / jython.conf(5)
Jython registry for system-wide options
krb5-doc / k5identity(5)
Kerberos v5 client principal selection rules
krb5-doc / k5login(5)
Kerberos v5 acl file for host access
krb5-admin-server / kadm5.acl(5)
Kerberos acl file
kamailio / kamailio.cfg(5)
Kamailio configuration file
krb5-kdc / kdc.conf(5)
Kerberos v5 kdc configuration file the kdc.conf file supplements krb5.conf(5) for programs which are typically only used on a kdc, such as the krb5kdc(8) and kadmind(8) daemons and the kdb5_util(8) program. relations documented here may also be specified in krb5.conf; for the kdc programs mentioned, krb5.conf and kdc.conf will be merged into a single configuration profile. normally, the kdc.conf file is found in the kdc state directory, /etc/krb5kdc. you can override the default location by setting the environment variable krb5_kdc_profile. please note that you need to restart the kdc daemon for any configuration changes to take effect.
kde-config-tablet / kde-config-tablet(5)
Kcm module that implements a gui for the wacom linux drivers.
kdm / kdm.options(5)
Configuration options for x display manager
kdump-tools / kdump-tools(5)
Configuration file for the kdump-tools init script
keepalived / keepalived.conf(5)
Configuration file for keepalived
kernel-common / kernel-img.conf(5)
Site wide configuration file for kernel image packages
kernel-package / kernel-package(5)
System for creating kernel related packages
kernel-package / kernel-pkg.conf(5)
Configuration file for make-kpkg
keyboard-configuration / keyboard(5)
Keyboard configuration file
kbd / keymaps(5)
Keyboard table descriptions for loadkeys and dumpkeys
kismet / kismet.conf(5)
Wireless sniffing and monitoring configuration file
kismet / kismet_drone.conf(5)
Wireless sniffing and monitoring drone configuration file
klone / kloned.conf(5)
The configuration file for the kloned daemon
knot / knot.conf(5)
Configuration file manual for knot dns server.
cyrus-common / krb.equiv(5)
Kerberos equivalences
krb5-doc / krb5.conf(5)
Kerberos configuration file the krb5.conf file contains kerberos configuration information, including the locations of kdcs and admin servers for the kerberos realms of interest, defaults for the current realm and for kerberos applications, and mappings of hostnames onto kerberos realms. normally, you should install your krb5.conf file in the directory /etc. you can override the default location by setting the environment variable krb5_config.
xl2tpd / l2tp-secrets(5)
L2tpd secrets file
labrea / labrea.conf(5)
Labrea(1) configuration file
lam-runtime / lam-helpfile(5)
Lam help message file
latd / latd.conf(5)
Lat configuration file
lazygal / lazygal.conf(5)
Configuration file for lazygal, a static web gallery generator.
lcdproc / lcdproc-config(5)
Format of lcdproc's configuration files
lcov / lcovrc(5)
Lcov configuration file
libldap-2.4-2 / ldap.conf(5)
Ldap configuration file/environment variables
ldapscripts / ldapscripts(5)
Scripts to manage posix accounts in your ldap directory.
ldap-utils / ldif(5)
Ldap data interchange format
lftp / lftp.conf(5)
The global configuration file for lftp
libao-common / libao.conf(5)
Configuration for libao.
libaudit-common / libaudit.conf(5)
Libaudit configuration file
libforms-dev / libforms1(5)
A gui toolkit for x window systems
libgfshare-dev / libgfshare(5)
Shamir secret sharing
libipmiconsole2 / libipmiconsole.conf(5)
Specify default values for libipmiconsole
libnss-ldap / libnss-ldap.conf(5)
Ldap nameservice provider
libuser / libuser.conf(5)
Configuration for libuser and libuser utilities
lilo / lilo.conf(5)
Configuration file for lilo
libpam-modules / limits.conf(5)
Configuration file for the pam_limits module
linkchecker / linkcheckerrc(5)
Configuration file for linkchecker
groff / lj4_font(5)
Groff fonts for use with devlj4
llgal / llgalrc(5)
Configuration file for llgal
lltag / lltag_config(5)
Configuration file for lltag
lltag / lltag_formats(5)
Internal formats database file for lltag
samba-common-bin / lmhosts(5)
The samba netbios hosts file
selinux-utils / local.users(5)
The selinux local users configuration file
manpages / locale(5)
Describes a locale definition file
glibc-source / locale.alias(5)
Locale name alias data base
systemd / locale.conf(5)
Configuration file for locale settings
glibc-source / locale.gen(5)
Configuration file for locale-gen
locales / locale.gen(5)
Configuration file for locale-gen
systemd / localtime(5)
Local timezone configuration file
locate / locatedb(5)
Front-compressed file name database
libzypp-config / locks(5)
Libzypp locking file
login / login.defs(5)
Shadow password suite configuration
systemd / logind.conf(5)
Login manager configuration file
logrotate / logrotate.conf(5)
Logrotate \(hy rotates, compresses, and mails system logs
logwatch / logwatch.conf(5)
Logwatch configuration files
lprng / lpd.conf(5)
lprng / lpd.perms(5)
Permissions control file for the lprng line printer spooler system
lrzip / lrzip.conf(5)
Configuration file for lrzip
lsmbox / lsmboxrc(5)
Configuration file for lsmbox
ltrace / ltrace.conf(5)
Configuration file for ltrace(1).
ltsp-docs / lts.conf(5)
Main configuration file for ltsp
texlive-luatex / luaotfload.conf(5)
Luaotfload configuration file
lvm2 / lvm.conf(5)
Lvm.conf configuration file for lvm2
lwatch / lwatch.conf(5)
Lwatch.conf configuration file for lwatch(1), syntax highlighting for syslog/syslog-ng file
lxc / lxc-usernet(5)
Unprivileged user network administration file.
lxc / lxc.conf(5)
Configuration files for lxc.
lxc / lxc.container.conf(5)
Lxc container configuration file
lxc / lxc.system.conf(5)
Lxc system configuration file
lxpanel / lxpanel.hints(5)
lyskom-server / lyskom(5)
Lyskom database format
arp-scan / mac-vendor(5)
Ethernet vendor file for arp-scan
systemd / machine-id(5)
Local machine id configuration file
systemd / machine-info(5)
Local machine information file
magic / mag(5)
Format of .mag files read/written by magic
mime-support / mailcap(5)
Metamail capabilities file
mime-support / mailcap.order(5)
The mailcap ordering specifications
qmail / maildir(5)
Directory for incoming mail messages
courier-base / maildir.courier(5)
E-mail directory
maildrop / maildir.maildrop(5)
E-mail directory
maildrop / maildroprc(5)
Maildrops filtering language
maildrop / mailfilter(5)
Maildrops filtering language
mailfilter / mailfilterex(5)
Mailfilter configuration file examples
mailfilter / mailfilterrc(5)
Mailfilter configuration file
manpages / mailname(5)
The visible mail name of the system
cups-daemon / mailto.conf(5)
Configuration file for cups email notifier
makedumpfile / makedumpfile.conf(5)
The filter configuration file for makedumpfile(8).
mandos / mandos-clients.conf(5)
Configuration file for the mandos server
mandos / mandos.conf(5)
Configuration file for the mandos server
man-db / manpath(5)
Format of the /etc/manpath.config file
wmanx / manx(5)
A list of manx gaelic words
masqmail / masqmail.aliases(5)
Masqmail alias file format
masqmail / masqmail.conf(5)
Masqmail configuration file
masqmail / masqmail.get(5)
Masqmail get configuration file
masqmail / masqmail.route(5)
Masqmail route configuration file
dbeacon / matrix.conf(5) configuration file
mutt / mbox(5)
Format for mail message storage.
mdadm / mdadm.conf(5)
Configuration for management of software raid with mdadm
m17n-docs / mdbCharsetList(5)
List of character set definitions
m17n-docs / mdbCodingList(5)
List of coding system definitions
m17n-docs / mdbDir(5)
List of data in a database directory.
m17n-docs / mdbFLT(5)
Font layout table
m17n-docs / mdbFontEncoding(5)
Font encoding
m17n-docs / mdbFontSize(5)
Font size
m17n-docs / mdbFontset(5)
m17n-docs / mdbGeneral(5)
General format
m17n-docs / mdbIM(5)
Input method
m17n-docs / mdbTutorialIM(5)
Tutorial of input method
monodoc-base / mdoc(5)
Mono documentation xml format
selinux-utils / media(5)
Userspace selinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the media contexts backend
menu / menufile(5)
Entry in the debian menu system
mathgl / mgl(5)
Mathgl script.
mhc / mhc(5)
Message harmonized calendaring system
libsnmp-base / mib2c.conf(5)
How to write mib2c.conf files to do anything based on mib input.
cups / mime.convs(5)
Mime type conversion file for cups
cups-daemon / mime.types(5)
Mime type description file for cups
mimedefang / mimedefang-filter(5)
Configuration file for mimedefang mail filter.
miredo-server / miredo-server.conf(5)
Configuration for miredo-server
miredo / miredo.conf(5)
Configuration for miredo
e2fsprogs / mke2fs.conf(5)
Configuration file for mke2fs
mlocate / mlocate.db(5)
A mlocate database
mutt / mmdf(5)
Multi-channel memorandum distribution facility mailbox format
libpcp-mmv1-dev / mmv(5)
Memory mapped values for performance co-pilot
libmng-dev / mng(5)
Multiple-image network graphics (mng) format
inn / moderators(5)
Mail addresses for moderated usenet newsgroups
kmod / modprobe.d(5)
Configuration directory for modprobe
kmod / modules(5)
Kernel modules to load at boot time
systemd / modules-load.d(5)
Configure kernel modules to load at boot
kmod / modules.dep(5)
Module dependency information
kmod / modules.dep.bin(5)
Module dependency information
manpages / motd(5)
Message of the day
mpd-sima / mpd-sima.cfg(5)
Mpd-sima will try to maintain some titles ahead in your play list following different policies. this manual document the configuration file for mpd-sima.
mpd / mpd.conf(5)
Music player daemon configuration file
monkeytail / mtailrc(5)
Configuration file for monkeytail
maildir-utils / mu-bookmarks(5)
File with bookmarks (shortcuts) for mu search expressions
multipath-tools / multipath.conf(5)
Multipath daemon configuration file
ruby-mustache / mustache(5)
Logic-less templates.
mutt / muttrc-org(5)
Configuration file for the mutt mail user agent
mutt-patched / muttrc-patched(5)
Configuration file for the mutt mail user agent
myproxy-server / myproxy-server.config(5)
Myproxy-server configuration file
bind9 / named.conf(5)
Configuration file for named
libpam-modules / namespace.conf(5)
The namespace configuration file
nano / nanorc(5)
Gnu nano's rcfile
nbd-server / nbd-server(5)
Configuration file for nbd-server
neard / neard.conf(5)
Neard configuration file
irsim / netchange(5)
Format of netchange files read by irsim.
nis / netgroup(5)
Specify network groups
netrik / netrikrc(5)
Netrik configuration file
netscript-2.4 / netscript-2.4.conf(5)
Interface, firewalling, and qos configuration file. /etc/netscript/if.conf - interface setup shell script file /etc/netscript/qos.conf - qos setup shell script file /etc/netscript/ipfilter.conf - ip iptables filtering shell script file
netscript-ipfilter / netscript-ipfilter.conf(5)
Firewalling configuration file. /etc/netscript/ipfilter.conf - ip iptables filtering shell script file
netscript-2.4 / network.conf(5)
Interface, firewalling, and qos configuration file. /etc/netscript/if.conf - interface setup shell script file /etc/netscript/qos.conf - qos setup shell script file /etc/netscript/ipfilter.conf - ip iptables filtering shell script file
netscript-ipfilter / network.conf(5)
Firewalling configuration file. /etc/netscript/ipfilter.conf - ip iptables filtering shell script file
manpages / networks(5)
Network name information
inn / newsfeeds(5)
Determine where usenet articles get sent
inn / newslog(5)
Description of usenet log files
nfs-common / nfs(5)
Fstab format and options for the nfs file systems
nfs4-acl-tools / nfs4_acl(5)
Nfsv4 access control lists
nfs-common / nfsidmap(5)
The nfs idmapper upcall program
nfs-common / nfsmount.conf(5)
Configuration file for nfs mounts
fai-server / nfsroot.conf(5)
Nfsroot configuration for fai
ngircd / ngircd.conf(5)
Configuration file of ngircd
nis / nicknames(5)
Nickname translation table for nis maps
nilfs-tools / nilfs_cleanerd.conf(5)
Nilfs_cleanerd(8) configuration file
network-manager / nm-system-settings.conf(5)
Deprecated networkmanager configuration file
network-manager / nmcli-examples(5)
Usage examples of nmcli
inn / nnrp.access(5)
Access file for on-campus nntp sites
inn2 / nnrpd.track(5)
File to specify hosts to be tracked by nnrpd.
inn / nntpsend.ctl(5)
List of sites to feed via nntpsend
inn2 / nocem.ctl(5)
A nocem-on-spool implementation for inn2.x
ax25-node / node.conf(5)
Linuxnode configuration file.
ax25-node / node.perms(5)
Linuxnode permissions file.
manpages / nologin(5)
Prevent unprivileged users from logging into the system
slurm-client / nonstop.conf(5)
Slurm configuration file for fault-tolerant computing.
notmuch / notmuch-hooks(5)
Hooks for notmuch
npm / npm-folders(5)
Folder structures used by npm
npm / npm-global(5)
Folder structures used by npm
npm / npm-json(5)
Specifics of npm\'s package.json handling
npm / npmrc(5)
The npm config files
ax25-tools / nrbroadcast(5)
Net/rom routing broadcast configuration file.
libax25 / nrports(5)
Net/rom port configuration file.
nsca-ng-server / nsca-ng.cfg(5)
Nsca-ng server configuration file
glibc-source / nscd.conf(5)
Configuration file for name service caching daemon
nscd / nscd.conf(5)
Configuration file for name service caching daemon
nsd / nsd.conf(5)
Nsd configuration file
nslcd / nslcd.conf(5)
Configuration file for ldap nameservice daemon
pynslcd / nslcd.conf(5)
Configuration file for ldap nameservice daemon
manpages / nss(5)
Name service switch configuration file
nsscache / nsscache.conf(5)
Nss local cache synchroniser configuration file
manpages / nsswitch.conf(5)
Name service switch configuration file
ntp / ntp.conf(5)
Ntp server configuration file
openntpd / ntpd.conf(5)
Network time protocol daemon configuration file
libnuclient4 / nuclient.conf(5)
Nuauth client configuration file
manpages / numa_maps(5)
Overview of non-uniform memory architecture
nut-client / nut.conf(5)
Ups definitions for network ups tools
nvram-wakeup / nvram-wakeup.conf(5)
The configuration file for nvram wakeup.
swift-object / object-expirer.conf(5)
Configuration file for the openstack-swift object exprier daemon
swift-object / object-server.conf(5)
Configuration file for the openstack-swift object server
libgettext-ocaml-dev / ocaml-gettext(5)
Common options to manage internationalisation in ocaml program through ocaml-gettext library.
opendnssec-common / ods-timing(5)
Opendnssec timing specification
oidentd / oidentd.conf(5)
The oidentd configuration file.
oidentd / oidentd_masq.conf(5)
Oidentd ip masquerading/nat configuration file.
olsrd / olsrd.conf(5)
Configuration file for olsrd(8)
olvwm / olvwmrc(5)
Resource file for the open look virtual window manager
openais / openais.conf(5)
Openais executive configuration file
opendkim / opendkim.conf(5)
Configuration file for opendkim
opendmarc / opendmarc.conf(5)
Configuration file for opendmarc
yagiuda / optimise(5)
Output data file formats
oroborus / oroborusrc(5)
Oroborus(1) configuration file.
orpie / orpierc(5)
Orpierc is the configuration textfile for the orpie(1) console calculator.
systemd / os-release(5)
Operating system identification
libpst-dev / outlook.pst(5)
Format of ms outlook .pst file
yagiuda / output(5)
Output data file formats
inn / overview.fmt(5)
Format of news overview database
openvswitch-switch / ovs-vswitchd.conf.db(5)
Open_vswitch database schema a database with this schema holds the configuration for one open vswitch daemon. the top-level configuration for the daemon is the open_vswitch table, which must have exactly one record. records in other tables are significant only when they can be reached directly or indirectly from the open_vswitch table. records that are not reachable from the open_vswitch table are automatically deleted from the database, except for records in a few distinguished ``root set\(cq\(cq tables.
owfs-common / owfs(5)
Owfs programs configuration file
owfs-common / owfs.conf(5)
Owfs programs configuration file
npm / package.json(5)
Specifics of npm\'s package.json handling
paco / pacorc(5)
Configuration file for paco
hylafax-server / pagermap(5)
\s-1snpp\s+1 pager identifier mapping file
hylafax-client / pagesizes(5)
\*(fx page size definitions
netpbm / pam(5)
Portable arbitrary map file format
libpam-runtime / pam.conf(5)
Pam configuration files
libpam-runtime / pam.d(5)
Pam configuration files
libpam-abl / pam_abl.conf(5)
Configuration file for pam_abl pam module.
libpam-afs-session / pam_afs_session(5)
Afs pag and token pam module
libpam-modules / pam_env.conf(5)
The environment variables config file
libpam-heimdal / pam_krb5(5)
Kerberos pam module
libpam-krb5 / pam_krb5(5)
Kerberos pam module
libpam-ldap / pam_ldap.conf(5)
Ldap pluggable authentication module
libpam-mount / pam_mount.conf(5)
libpam-winbind / pam_winbind.conf(5)
Configuration file of pam module for winbind
pandoc / pandoc_markdown(5)
Markdown syntax for pandoc(1)
libpaper1 / papersize(5)
Specify preferred paper size
partimage-server / partimagedusers(5)
List of allowed users.
passwd / passwd(5)
The password file
inn / passwd.nntp(5)
Passwords for connecting to remote nntp servers
nullmailer / pausetime(5)
Send queued messages
netpbm / pbm(5)
Portable bitmap file format
pbuilder-uml / pbuilder-uml.conf(5)
Configuration file for user-mode-linux port of pbuilder
pbuilder / pbuilderrc(5)
Configuration files for personal package builder
libpcap0.8-dev / pcap-savefile(5)
Libpcap savefile format
pcp / pcp-archive(5)
Archive files for performance co-pilot
pcp / pcp.conf(5)
The performance co-pilot configuration and environment file
pcp / pcp.env(5)
Script to set performance co-pilot run-time environment variables
pdmenu / pdmenurc(5)
Menu definitions file for pdmenu
perdition / perditiondb(5)
Perdition modular popmap support
live-boot-doc / persistence.conf(5)
Configuration file for persistence media in live-boot
pfqueue / pfqueue.conf(5)
Pfqueue configuration file
pgbouncer / pgbouncer(5)
Lightweight connection pooler for postgresql.
netpbm / pgm(5)
Portable graymap file format
opencryptoki / pk_config_data(5)
Configuration file for pkcsslotd.
opensc / pkcs15-profile(5)
Format of profile for pkcs15-init
plowshare4 / plowshare.conf(5)
Configuration file for plowshare
pcp / pmns(5)
The performance metrics name space
pcp / pmview(5)
Configuration file format for performance
libpng12-dev / png(5)
Portable network graphics (png) format
netpbm / pnm(5)
Portable anymap file format
po4a / po4a-build.conf(5)
Configuration file for building translated content
zorp /
Zorp(8) policy file.
postfix-policyd-spf-python / policyd-spf.conf(5)
Pure-python postfix policy daemon for spf checking
postfix-policyd-spf-python / policyd-spf.peruser(5)
Pure-python postfix policy daemon for spf checking
wpolish / polish(5)
A list of polish words
portsentry / portsentry.conf(5)
Portsentry┬┤s main configuration file
postfix / postconf(5)
Postfix configuration parameters
postgresql-client-common / postgresqlrc(5)
Per-user postgresql cluster configuration
powerman / powerman.conf(5)
Configuration file for powerman
powerman /
Powerman device specification files
cups-ppdc / ppdcfile(5)
Cups ppd compiler source file format
netpbm / ppm(5)
Portable pixmap file format
pptpd / pptpd.conf(5)
Pptp vpn daemon configuration
prboom-plus / prboom-plus.cfg(5)
Configuration file for prboom+
prerex / prerex(5)
A format for prerequisite-chart descriptions
survex / print.ini(5)
Print.ini survex printer settings
lprng / printcap(5)
Printer capability data base
cups-daemon / printers.conf(5)
Printer configuration file for cups
manpages / proc(5)
Process information pseudo-filesystem
manpages / procfs(5)
Process information pseudo-filesystem
procmeter3 / procmeterrc(5)
The procmeterrc configuration file for procmeter3, procmeter3-xaw, gprocmeter3, procmeter3-gtk1, procmeter3-gtk2, procmeter3-gtk3, procmeter3-log and procmeter3-lcd programs.
lam-runtime / procschema(5)
Lam process schema format
proftpd-basic / proftpd.conf(5)
Proftpd server configuration file
xfsprogs / projects(5)
Persistent project root definition
xfsprogs / projid(5)
The project name mapping file
manpages / protocols(5)
Protocols definition file
xymon / protocols.cfg(5)
Configuration of tcp network services
swift-proxy / proxy-server.conf(5)
Configuration file for the openstack-swift proxy server
fp-utils-2.6.4 / ptop-2.6.4.cfg(5)
The ptop source-beautifier configuration file. ptop is the source beautifier of the freepascal project. origin probably pascal-to-pascal.cfg
pulseaudio / pulse-cli-syntax(5)
Pulseaudio command line interface syntax
pulseaudio / pulse-client.conf(5)
Pulseaudio client configuration file
pulseaudio / pulse-daemon.conf(5)
Pulseaudio daemon configuration file
puppet-common / puppet.conf(5)
libpwquality-common / pwquality.conf(5)
Configuration for the libpwquality library
pwrkap / pwrkap_aggregate(5)
Configuration file for pwrkap_aggregate
qmail / qmail-control(5)
Qmail configuration files
qmail / qmail-header(5)
Format of a mail message
qmail / qmail-log(5)
The qmail activity record
qmail / qmail-users(5)
Assign mail addresses to users
netscript-2.4 / qos.conf(5)
Interface, firewalling, and qos configuration file. /etc/netscript/if.conf - interface setup shell script file /etc/netscript/qos.conf - qos setup shell script file /etc/netscript/ipfilter.conf - ip iptables filtering shell script file
graphicsmagick / quantize(5)
Imagemagick's color reduction algorithm.
libopenr2-bin / r2test.conf(5)
Openr2 r2test program configuration file
rabbitmq-server / rabbitmq-env.conf(5)
Default settings for rabbitmq amqp server
racoon / racoon-tool.conf(5)
Configuration file for racoon-tool(8).
freeradius-common / radiusd.conf(5)
Configuration file for the freeradius server
freeradius-common / radrelay.conf(5)
Configuration file for the freeradius server "radrelay" personality
radsecproxy / radsecproxy.conf(5)
Radsec proxy configuration file
radvd / radvd.conf(5)
Configuration file of the router advertisement daemon radvd
boxbackup-server / raidfile.conf(5)
Userland raid for box backup
ramond / ramond.conf(5)
Configuration file for ramond(8)
argus-client / ranonymize(5)
Ranonymize(1) configuration file.
argus-client / rarc(5)
Ra client resource file.
isdnlog / rate-files(5)
Format of rate-files
initscripts / rcS(5)
Variables that affect the behavior of boot scripts
pcscd / reader.conf(5)
Configuration file for pcscd readers' drivers
realmd / realmd.conf(5)
Tweak behavior of realmd
recoll / recoll.conf(5)
Main personal configuration file for recoll
hylafax-server / recvq(5)
Received facsimile document format
redshift / redshift(5)
Configuration file for redshift and gtk-redshift
wireless-regdb / regulatory.bin(5)
The linux wireless regulatory database
erlang-manpages / rel(5)
Release resource file
erlang-manpages / relup(5)
Release upgrade file
nullmailer / remotes(5)
Send queued messages
selinux-utils / removable_context(5)
The selinux removable devices context configuration file
manpages / repertoiremap(5)
Map symbolic character names to unicode code points
keyutils / request-key.conf(5)
Instantiation handler configuration file
manpages / resolv.conf(5)
Resolver configuration file
systemd / resolved.conf(5)
Network name resolution configuration file
manpages / resolver(5)
Resolver configuration file
rsh-server / rhosts(5)
Grants or denies password-free r-command access to a specific user account
ax25-tools / rip98d.conf(5)
Control rip98 routing messages.
rlinetd / rlinetd.conf(5)
Rlinetd configuration file
freeradius-common / rlm_acct_unique(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_always(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_attr_filter(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_attr_rewrite(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_chap(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_counter(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_detail(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_digest(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_expr(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_files(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_mschap(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_pap(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_passwd(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_policy(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_realm(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_sql(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_sql_log(5)
Freeradius module
freeradius-common / rlm_unix(5)
Freeradius module
rlpr / rlprrc(5)
Remote printing resource file
bind9 / rndc.conf(5)
Rndc configuration file
manpages / rpc(5)
Rpc program number data base
rplay-server / rplay.conf(5)
Rplay sound database
rplay-server / rplay.helpers(5)
Rplay helper applications
rplay-server / rplay.hosts(5)
Rplay host authentication database
rplay-server / rplay.servers(5)
Rplay servers database
rrdcollect / rrdcollect.conf(5)
Rrdcollect configuration file.
globus-gram-job-manager / rsl(5)
Gram5 rsl attributes
libax25 / rsports(5)
Rose port configuration file.
rssh / rssh.conf(5)
Configuration file for rssh
rsync / rsyncd.conf(5)
Configuration file for rsync in daemon mode
rsyslog / rsyslog.conf(5)
Rsyslogd(8) configuration file
file-rc / runlevel.conf(5)
The file-rc runlevel configuration file
ax25-tools / rxecho.conf(5)
Control rxecho ax.25 packet routing.
rygel / rygel.conf(5)
Rygel configuration file
libhts-dev / sam(5)
Sequence alignment/map file format
samhain / samhainrc(5)
Samhain(8) configuration file
libsane-common / sane-abaton(5)
Sane backend for abaton flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-agfafocus(5)
Sane backend for agfa focus flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-apple(5)
Sane backend for apple flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-artec(5)
Sane backend for artec flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-artec_eplus48u(5)
Sane backend for the scanner artec e+ 48u and re-badged models
libsane-common / sane-as6e(5)
Sane backend for using the artec as6e parallel port interface scanner.
libsane-common / sane-avision(5)
Sane backend for original avision and avision oem scanners (hp, minolta, mitsubishi, umax and possibly more) flatbed and film scanners.
libsane-common / sane-bh(5)
Sane backend for bell+howell copiscan ii series document scanners
libsane-common / sane-canon(5)
Sane backend for canon scsi scanners
libsane-common / sane-canon630u(5)
Sane backend for the canon 630u usb flatbed scanner
libsane-common / sane-canon_dr(5)
Sane backend for canon dr-series scanners
libsane-common / sane-canon_pp(5)
Sane backend for canon canoscan parallel port flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-cardscan(5)
Sane backend for corex cardscan usb scanners
libsane-common / sane-coolscan(5)
Sane backend for nikon film-scanners
libsane-common / sane-coolscan2(5)
Sane backend for nikon coolscan film scanners
libsane-common / sane-coolscan3(5)
Sane backend for nikon coolscan film scanners
libsane-common / sane-dc210(5)
Sane backend for kodak dc210 digital camera
libsane-common / sane-dc240(5)
Sane backend for kodak dc240 digital camera
libsane-common / sane-dc25(5)
Sane backend for kodak dc20/dc25 digital cameras
libsane-common / sane-dmc(5)
Sane backend for the polaroid digital microscope camera
libsane-common / sane-epjitsu(5)
Sane backend for epson-based fujitsu usb scanners.
libsane-common / sane-epson(5)
Sane backend for epson scanners
libsane-common / sane-epson2(5)
Sane backend for epson scanners
libsane-common / sane-fujitsu(5)
Sane backend for fujitsu flatbed and adf scanners
libsane-common / sane-genesys(5)
Sane backend for gl646, gl841, gl843, gl847 and gl124 based usb flatbed scanners
libsane-extras-common / sane-geniusvp2(5)
Sane backend for genius colorpage-vivid pro ii (pp) scanner
libsane-common / sane-gphoto2(5)
Sane backend for gphoto2 supported cameras
libsane-common / sane-gt68xx(5)
Sane backend for gt-68xx based usb flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-hp(5)
Sane backend for hp scanjet scanners
libsane-common / sane-hp3500(5)
Sane backend for hewlett-packard scanjet 3500 series scanners
libsane-common / sane-hp3900(5)
Sane backend for rts8822 chipset based scanners
libsane-common / sane-hp4200(5)
Sane backend for hewlett-packard 4200 scanners
libsane-common / sane-hp5400(5)
Sane backend for hewlett-packard 54xx scanners
libsane-common / sane-hp5590(5)
Sane backend for hewlett-packard 4500c/4570c/5500c/5550c/5590/7650 workgroup/document scanners
libsane-common / sane-hpljm1005(5)
Sane backend for hewlett-packard laserjet m1005 mfp scanner
libsane-common / sane-hpsj5s(5)
Sane backend for hp scanjet 5s sheet-fed scanner
libsane-common / sane-hs2p(5)
Sane backend for ricoh scsi flatbed/adf scanners
libsane-common / sane-ibm(5)
Sane backend for ibm and ricoh scsi flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-kodak(5)
Sane backend for big kodak flatbed and adf scanners
libsane-common / sane-kodakaio(5)
Sane backend for kodak aio printer / scanners
libsane-common / sane-kvs1025(5)
Sane backend for panasonic kv-s102xc usb adf scanners.
libsane-common / sane-kvs20xx(5)
Sane backend for panasonic kv-s20xxc usb/scsi adf scanners.
libsane-common / sane-kvs40xx(5)
Sane backend for panasonic kv-s40xxc usb/scsi adf scanners.
libsane-common / sane-leo(5)
Sane backend for leo technologies scanners
libsane-common / sane-lexmark(5)
Sane backend for lexmark x1100/x1200 series scanners
libsane-common / sane-ma1509(5)
Sane backend for mustek bearpaw 1200f usb scanner
libsane-common / sane-magicolor(5)
Sane backend for konica minolta magicolor scanners
libsane-common / sane-matsushita(5)
Sane backend for panasonic kv-ss high speed scanners
libsane-common / sane-microtek(5)
Sane backend for microtek scanners
libsane-common / sane-microtek2(5)
Sane backend for microtek scanners with scsi-2 command set
libsane-common / sane-mustek(5)
Sane backend for mustek scsi flatbed scanners (and some other devices)
libsane-common / sane-mustek_pp(5)
Sane backend for mustek parallel port flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-mustek_usb(5)
Sane backend for mustek usb flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-mustek_usb2(5)
Sane backend for sq113 based usb flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-nec(5)
Sane backend for nec scanners
libsane-common / sane-net(5)
Sane network backend
libsane-common / sane-niash(5)
Sane backend for scanners based on the niash chipset.
libsane-common / sane-p5(5)
Sane backend for the primax pagepartner
libsane-common / sane-pie(5)
Sane backend for pie, devcom and adlib scsi flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-pixma(5)
Sane backend for canon multi-function printers and canoscan scanners
libsane-common / sane-plustek(5)
Sane backend for lm983[1/2/3] based usb flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-plustek_pp(5)
Sane backend for plustek parallel port flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-qcam(5)
Sane backend for connectix quickcam cameras
libsane-common / sane-ricoh(5)
Sane backend for ricoh flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-rts8891(5)
Sane backend for rts8891 based scanners
libsane-common / sane-s9036(5)
Sane backend for siemens 9036 flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-sceptre(5)
Sane backend for sceptre scanners
libsane-common / sane-scsi(5)
Scsi adapter tips for scanners
libsane-common / sane-sharp(5)
Sane backend for sharp scanners
libsane-common / sane-sm3600(5)
Sane backend for microtek scanners with m011 usb chip
libsane-common / sane-sm3840(5)
Sane backend for microtek scanners with scan08 usb chip
libsane-common / sane-snapscan(5)
Sane backend for agfa snapscan flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-sp15c(5)
Sane backend for fujitsu scanpartner 15c flatbed scanner
libsane-common / sane-st400(5)
Sane backend for siemens st/highscan flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-stv680(5)
Sane backend for stv680 camera's
libsane-common / sane-tamarack(5)
Sane backend for tamarack flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-teco1(5)
Sane backend for teco / relisys scanners
libsane-common / sane-teco2(5)
Sane backend for teco / relisys scanners
libsane-common / sane-teco3(5)
Sane backend for teco / relisys scanners
libsane-common / sane-test(5)
Sane backend for testing frontends
libsane-common / sane-u12(5)
Sane backend for plustek usb flatbed scanners, based on older parport designs
libsane-common / sane-umax(5)
Sane backend for umax scanners
libsane-common / sane-umax1220u(5)
Sane backend for the umax astra 1220u and similar scanners
libsane-common / sane-umax_pp(5)
Sane backend for umax astra parallel port flatbed scanners
libsane-common / sane-usb(5)
Usb configuration tips for sane
libsane-common / sane-v4l(5)
Sane interface for video for linux api
libsane-common / sane-xerox_mfp(5)
Sane backend for xerox phaser 3200mfp device
sbuild / sbuild.conf(5)
Configuration file for sbuild
schroot / schroot-script-config(5)
Schroot chroot setup script configuration
schroot / schroot-setup(5)
Schroot chroot setup scripts
schroot / schroot.conf(5)
Chroot definition file for schroot
erlang-manpages / script(5)
Boot script
selinux-utils / secolor.conf(5)
The selinux color configuration file
lsh-doc / secsh(5)
The secure shell protocol
manpages / securetty(5)
File which lists terminals from which root can log in
selinux-utils / securetty_types(5)
The selinux secure tty type configuration file
selinux-utils / selabel_db(5)
Userspace selinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the rdbms objects context backend
selinux-utils / selabel_file(5)
Userspace selinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the file contexts backend
selinux-utils / selabel_media(5)
Userspace selinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the media contexts backend
selinux-utils / selabel_x(5)
Userspace selinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the x window system contexts backend. this backend is also used to determine the default context for labeling remotely connected x clients
policycoreutils / selinux_config(5)
The selinux sub-system configuration file.
libsemanage-common / semanage.conf(5)
Global configuration file for the selinux management library
nsca-ng-client / send_nsca.cfg(5)
Nsca-ng client configuration file
hylafax-server / sendq(5)
\*(fx outbound job description
lm-sensors / sensors.conf(5)
Libsensors configuration file
libpam-modules / sepermit.conf(5)
Configuration file for the pam_sepermit module
selinux-utils / sepgsql_contexts(5)
Userspace selinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the rdbms objects context backend
squizz / seqfmt(5)
selinux-utils / service_seusers(5)
The selinux gnu/linux user and service to selinux user mapping configuration files
manpages / services(5)
Internet network services list
xrdp / sesman.ini(5)
Configuration file for sesman(8)
policycoreutils / sestatus.conf(5)
The sestatus(8) configuration file.
epm / setup.types(5)
Epm gui setup types file format.
selinux-utils / seusers(5)
The selinux gnu/linux user to selinux user mapping configuration file
passwd / shadow(5)
Shadowed password file
manpages / shells(5)
Pathnames of valid login shells
libpam-shield / shield.conf(5)
Pam_shield configuration file
shogun-cmdline-static / shogun(5)
A large scale machine learning toolbox
shorewall / shorewall-accounting(5)
Shorewall accounting file
shorewall / shorewall-actions(5)
Shorewall action declaration file
shorewall / shorewall-arprules(5)
Shorewall arp rules file
shorewall / shorewall-blacklist(5)
Shorewall blacklist file
shorewall / shorewall-blrules(5)
Shorewall blacklist file
shorewall / shorewall-conntrack(5)
Shorewall conntrack file
shorewall / shorewall-ecn(5)
Shorewall ecn file
shorewall / shorewall-exclusion(5)
Exclude a set of hosts from a definition in a shorewall configuration file.
shorewall / shorewall-hosts(5)
Shorewall file
shorewall / shorewall-interfaces(5)
Shorewall interfaces file
shorewall / shorewall-ipsets(5)
Specifying the name if an ipset in shorewall configuration files
shorewall-lite / shorewall-lite-vardir(5)
Shorewall lite file
shorewall-lite / shorewall-lite.conf(5)
Shorewall lite global configuration file
shorewall / shorewall-maclist(5)
Shorewall mac verification file
shorewall / shorewall-mangle(5)
Shorewall packet marking/mangling rules file
shorewall / shorewall-masq(5)
Shorewall masquerade/snat definition file
shorewall / shorewall-nat(5)
Shorewall one-to-one nat file
shorewall / shorewall-nesting(5)
Shorewall nested zones
shorewall / shorewall-netmap(5)
Shorewall netmap definition file
shorewall / shorewall-params(5)
Shorewall parameters file
shorewall / shorewall-policy(5)
Shorewall policy file
shorewall / shorewall-providers(5)
Shorewall providers file
shorewall / shorewall-proxyarp(5)
Shorewall proxy arp file
shorewall / shorewall-routes(5)
Shorewall file
shorewall / shorewall-routestopped(5)
The shorewall file that governs what traffic flows through the firewall while it is in the stopped state.
shorewall / shorewall-rtrules(5)
Shorewall routing rules file
shorewall / shorewall-rules(5)
Shorewall rules file
shorewall / shorewall-secmarks(5)
Shorewall file
shorewall / shorewall-stoppedrules(5)
The shorewall file that governs what traffic flows through the firewall while it is in the stopped state.
shorewall / shorewall-tcclasses(5)
Shorewall file to define htb and hfsc classes
shorewall / shorewall-tcdevices(5)
Shorewall traffic shaping devices file
shorewall / shorewall-tcfilters(5)
Shorewall u32/basic classifier rules file
shorewall / shorewall-tcinterfaces(5)
Shorewall file
shorewall / shorewall-tcpri(5)
Shorewall file
shorewall / shorewall-tcrules(5)
Shorewall packet marking rules file
shorewall / shorewall-tos(5)
Shorewall type of service rules file
shorewall / shorewall-tunnels(5)
Shorewall vpn definition file
shorewall / shorewall-vardir(5)
Shorewall file
shorewall / shorewall-zones(5)
Shorewall zone declaration file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-accounting(5)
Shorewall6 accounting file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-actions(5)
Shorewall6 action declaration file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-blacklist(5)
Shorewall6 blacklist file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-blrules(5)
Shorewall6 blacklist file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-conntrack(5)
Shorewall6 conntrack file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-exclusion(5)
Exclude a set of hosts from a definition in a shorewall6 configuration file.
shorewall6 / shorewall6-hosts(5)
Shorewall6 file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-interfaces(5)
Shorewall6 interfaces file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-ipsets(5)
Specifying the name if an ipset in shorewall6 configuration files
shorewall6-lite / shorewall6-lite-vardir(5)
Shorewall6 lite file
shorewall6-lite / shorewall6-lite.conf(5)
Shorewall6 lite global configuration file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-maclist(5)
Shorewall6 mac verification file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-mangle(5)
Shorewall packet marking/mangling rules file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-masq(5)
Shorewall6 masquerade/snat definition file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-nat(5)
Shorewall6 one-to-one nat file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-nesting(5)
Shorewall6 nested zones
shorewall6 / shorewall6-netmap(5)
Shorewall6 netmap definition file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-params(5)
Shorewall6 parameters file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-policy(5)
Shorewall6 policy file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-providers(5)
Shorewall6 providers file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-proxyndp(5)
Shorewall6 proxy ndp file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-routes(5)
Shorewall6 file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-routestopped(5)
The shorewall6 file that governs what traffic flows through the firewall while it is in stopped state.
shorewall6 / shorewall6-rtrules(5)
Shorewall6 routing rules file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-rules(5)
Shorewall6 rules file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-secmarks(5)
Shorewall6 file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-stoppedrules(5)
The shorewall file that governs what traffic flows through the firewall while it is in the stopped state.
shorewall6 / shorewall6-tcclasses(5)
Shorewall6 file to define htb and hfsc classes
shorewall6 / shorewall6-tcdevices(5)
Shorewall6 traffic shaping devices file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-tcfilters(5)
Shorewall6 u32/basic classifier rules file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-tcinterfaces(5)
Shorewall6 file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-tcpri(5)
Shorewall6 file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-tcrules(5)
Shorewall6 packet marking rules file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-tos(5)
Shorewall6 type of service rules file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-tunnels(5)
Shorewall6 vpn definition file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-vardir(5)
Shorewall6 file
shorewall6 / shorewall6-zones(5)
Shorewall6 zone declaration file
shorewall6 / shorewall6.conf(5)
Shorewall6 global configuration file
sidplayfp / sidplayfp.ini(5)
Configuration file for sidplayfp(1).
siggen / siggen.conf(5)
The siggen configuration files
magic / sim(5)
Format of .sim files read by esim, crystal, etc.
ocaml-findlib / site-lib(5)
[location of package directories] .sh "standard layout"
manpages / slabinfo(5)
Kernel slab allocator statistics
slack / slack.conf(5)
Configuration file for slack
slapd / slapd-bdb(5)
Berkeley db backends to slapd
slapd / slapd-config(5)
Configuration backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-dnssrv(5)
Dns srv referral backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-hdb(5)
Berkeley db backends to slapd
slapd / slapd-ldap(5)
Ldap backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-ldbm(5)
Discontinued ldbm backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-ldif(5)
Ldif backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-mdb(5)
Memory-mapped db backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-meta(5)
Metadirectory backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-monitor(5)
Monitor backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-ndb(5)
Mysql ndb backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-null(5)
Null backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-passwd(5)
/etc/passwd backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-perl(5)
Perl backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-relay(5)
Relay backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-shell(5)
Shell backend to slapd
slapd / slapd-sock(5)
Socket backend/overlay to slapd
slapd / slapd-sql(5)
Sql backend to slapd
slapd / slapd.access(5)
Access configuration for slapd, the stand-alone ldap daemon
slapd / slapd.backends(5)
Backends for slapd, the stand-alone ldap daemon
slapd / slapd.conf(5)
Configuration file for slapd, the stand-alone ldap daemon
slapd / slapd.overlays(5)
Overlays for slapd, the stand-alone ldap daemon
slapd / slapd.plugin(5)
Plugin configuration for slapd, the stand-alone ldap daemon
slapd / slapo-accesslog(5)
Access logging overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-auditlog(5)
Audit logging overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-chain(5)
Chain overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-collect(5)
Collective attributes overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-constraint(5)
Attribute constraint overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-dds(5)
Dynamic directory services overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-dyngroup(5)
Dynamic group overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-dynlist(5)
Dynamic list overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-memberof(5)
Reverse group membership overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-pbind(5)
Proxy bind overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-pcache(5)
Proxy cache overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-ppolicy(5)
Password policy overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-refint(5)
Referential integrity overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-retcode(5)
Return code overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-rwm(5)
Rewrite/remap overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-sock(5)
Socket backend/overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-sssvlv(5)
Server side sorting and virtual list view overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-syncprov(5)
Sync provider overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-translucent(5)
Translucent proxy overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-unique(5)
Attribute uniqueness overlay to slapd
slapd / slapo-valsort(5)
Value sorting overlay to slapd
slurm-client / slurm.conf(5)
Slurm configuration file
slurmdbd / slurmdbd.conf(5)
Slurm database daemon (slurmdbd) configuration file
sm-archive / sm-archive.conf(5)
Configuration file for sm-archive sendmail milter
smartmontools / smartd.conf(5)
Smart disk monitoring daemon configuration file
samba-common-bin / smb.conf(5)
The configuration file for the samba suite
smbclient / smbgetrc(5)
Configuration file for smbget
samba-common-bin / smbpasswd(5)
The samba encrypted password file
syncmaildir / smd-config(5)
Configuration file for smd-pull and smd-push
snapper / snapper-configs(5)
Configuration files for snapper configs
sniffit / sniffit(5)
Configuration file for sniffit (name arbirtary)
libsnmp-base / snmp.conf(5)
Configuration files for the net-snmp applications
libsnmp-base / snmp_config(5)
Handling of net-snmp configuration files
libsnmp-base / snmpd.examples(5)
Example configuration for the net-snmp agent
libsnmp-base / snmpd.internal(5)
Internal configuration of the net-snmp agent
snmptrapd / snmptrapd.conf(5)
Configuration file for the net-snmp notification receiver
softhsm / softhsm.conf(5)
Softhsm configuration file
sosreport / sos.conf(5)
Sosreport configuration
apt / sources.list(5)
List of configured apt data sources
spamoracle / spamoracle.conf(5)
Spamoracle configuration file format
wspanish / spanish(5)
A list of spanish words
solid-pop3d / spop3d.conf(5)
Configuration data for the solid pop3 server.
libgps-dev / srec(5)
Motorola s-record record and file format
srecord / srec_aomf(5)
Intel absolute object module format
srecord / srec_ascii_hex(5)
Ascii\[hy]hex file format
srecord / srec_atmel_generic(5)
Atmel generic file format
srecord / srec_binary(5)
Binary file format
srecord / srec_cosmac(5)
Rca cosmac elf file format
srecord / srec_dec_binary(5)
Dec binary (xxdp) file format
srecord / srec_emon52(5)
Elektor monitor (emon52) file format
srecord / srec_fairchild(5)
Fairchild fairbug file format
srecord / srec_fastload(5)
Lsi logic fast load file format
srecord / srec_formatted_binary(5)
Formatted binary file format
srecord / srec_forth(5)
Forth file format
srecord / srec_fpc(5)
Four packed code file format
srecord / srec_intel(5)
Intel hexadecimal object file format specification
srecord / srec_intel16(5)
Intel hexadecimal 16\[hy]bit file format specification
srecord / srec_mif(5)
Memory initialization file (mif) format
srecord / srec_mos_tech(5)
Mos technology file format
srecord / srec_motorola(5)
Motorola s\[hy]record hexadecimal file format
srecord / srec_msbin(5)
Windows ce binary image data format
srecord / srec_needham(5)
Needham emp\[hy]series programmer ascii file format
srecord / srec_os65v(5)
Os65v loader file format
srecord / srec_signetics(5)
Signetics file format
srecord / srec_spasm(5)
Spasm file format
srecord / srec_spectrum(5)
Spectrum file format
srecord / srec_stewie(5)
Stewie's binary file format
srecord / srec_tektronix(5)
Tektronix hexadecimal file format
srecord / srec_tektronix_extended(5)
Tektronix extended hexadecimal file format
srecord / srec_ti_tagged(5)
Texas instruments tagged (sdsmac) file format
srecord / srec_ti_tagged_16(5)
Texas instruments tagged (sdsmac 320) file format
srecord / srec_ti_txt(5)
Texas instruments ti\[hy]txt (msp430) file format
srecord / srec_vmem(5)
Vmem file format
srecord / srec_wilson(5)
Wilson file format
sssd-ad / sssd-ad(5)
The configuration file for sssd
sssd-dbus / sssd-ifp(5)
Sssd infopipe responder
sssd-ipa / sssd-ipa(5)
The configuration file for sssd
sssd-krb5 / sssd-krb5(5)
The configuration file for sssd
sssd-ldap / sssd-ldap(5)
The configuration file for sssd
sssd-common / sssd-simple(5)
The configuration file for sssds simple access-control provider
sssd-common / sssd-sudo(5)
Configuring sudo with the sssd back end
sssd-common / sssd.conf(5)
The configuration file for sssd
l2tpns / startup-config(5)
Configuration file for l2tpns
tvtime / stationlist.xml(5)
Tvtime station configuration file
hylafax-server / status(5)
Server status database
strongswan-starter / strongswan.conf(5)
Strongswan configuration file
passwd / subgid(5)
The subordinate gid file
cups / subscriptions.conf(5)
Subscriptions file for cups
passwd / subuid(5)
The subordinate uid file
super /
Database of restricted commands for super(1)
svn-autoreleasedeb / svn-autoreleasedeb.conf(5)
Configuration for svn-autoreleasedeb
subversion / svnserve.conf(5)
Repository configuration file for svnserve
chiark-scripts / sync-accounts(5)
Configuration file for sync-accounts
procps / sysctl.conf(5)
Sysctl preload/configuration file
systemd / sysctl.d(5)
Configure kernel parameters at boot
sysstat / sysstat(5)
Sysstat configuration file.
systemd / systemd-sleep.conf(5)
Suspend and hibernation configuration file
systemd / systemd-system.conf(5)
System and session service manager configuration file
systemd / systemd-user.conf(5)
System and session service manager configuration file
systemd / systemd.automount(5)
Automount unit configuration
systemd / systemd.device(5)
Device unit configuration
systemd / systemd.exec(5)
Execution environment configuration
systemd / systemd.kill(5)
Process killing procedure configuration
systemd /
Network device configuration
systemd / systemd.mount(5)
Mount unit configuration
systemd / systemd.netdev(5)
Virtual network device configuration
systemd /
Network configuration
systemd / systemd.path(5)
Path unit configuration
systemd / systemd.preset(5)
Service enablement presets
systemd / systemd.resource-control(5)
Resource control unit settings
systemd / systemd.scope(5)
Scope unit configuration
systemd / systemd.slice(5)
Slice unit configuration
systemd / systemd.snapshot(5)
Snapshot unit configuration
systemd / systemd.socket(5)
Socket unit configuration
systemd / systemd.swap(5)
Swap unit configuration
systemd /
Target unit configuration
systemd / systemd.timer(5)
Timer unit configuration
systemd / sysusers.d(5)
Declarative allocation of system users and groups
amanda-common / tapelist(5)
The list of amanda volumes in use
tart / tart-custom(5)
Template format for linuxtart
tart / tartdates(5)
Special date configuration for linuxtart
tart / tartrc(5)
Configuration file for linuxtart
taskwarrior / task-faq(5)
A faq for the task(1) command line todo manager.
taskwarrior / task-sync(5)
A discussion and tutorial for the various task(1) data synchronization capabilities.
taskwarrior / task-tutorial(5)
A tutorial for the task(1) command line todo manager.
xymon / tasks.cfg(5)
Task definitions for the xymonlaunch utility
tayga / tayga.conf(5)
Configuration file of the tayga stateless nat64 daemon
qmail / tcp-environ(5)
Tcp-related environment variables
tcpspy / tcpspy.rules(5)
Configuration file for tcpspy
trousers / tcsd.conf(5)
Configuration file for the trousers tcs daemon.
libteam-utils / teamd.conf(5)
Teamd.conf libteam daemon configuration file
libtecla-dev / teclarc(5)
The user interface provided by the tecla library.
ncurses-bin / term(5)
Format of compiled term file.
manpages / termcap(5)
Terminal capability database
util-linux / terminal-colors.d(5)
Configure output colorization for various utilities
terminator / terminator_config(5)
The config file for terminator terminal emulator.
ncurses-bin / terminfo(5)
Terminal capability data base
xtermset / terms(5)
Database of blessed terminals for xtermset.
texinfo / texinfo(5)
Software documentation system
thermald / thermal-conf.xml(5)
Configuration file for thermal daemon
tig / tigrc(5)
Tig configuration file
tilecache / tilecache.cfg(5)
Cache and serve map tiles
libpam-modules / time.conf(5)
Configuration file for the pam_time module
timidity / timidity.cfg(5)
Configure file of timidity++
tin / tin(5)
Related files
tinyproxy / tinyproxy.conf(5)
Tinyproxy http proxy daemon configuration file
tlsdate / tlsdated.conf(5)
Tlsdated config file
tmispell-voikko / tmispell.conf(5)
Configuration file for tmispell
tmpreaper / tmpreaper.conf(5)
Defines parameters for daily run of tmpreaper
tnat64 / tnat64.conf(5)
Configuration file for tnat64(8)
slurm-client / topology.conf(5)
Slurm configuration file for defining the network topology
tor / torrc(5)
The second-generation onion router
torsocks / torsocks.conf(5)
Torsocks.conf configuration file for torsocks(8)
trustedqsl / tqsl(5)
Digitally sign amateur radio contact logs
trace-cmd / trace-cmd.dat(5)
Trace-cmd file format
hylafax-server / tsi(5)
Transmission subscriber identification ( .sm tsi ) access control list
ax25-tools / ttylinkd.conf(5)
Ttylinkd configuration file.
turnserver / turnserver.conf(5)
Turnserver configuration file
tvtime / tvtime.xml(5)
Tvtime configuration file
tripwire / twfiles(5)
Overview of files used by tripwire and file backup process
hylafax-client / typerules(5)
\*(fx file type identification and conversion rules
manpages / tzfile(5)
Timezone information
ubuntu-dev-tools / ubuntu-dev-tools(5)
Configuration for the ubuntu-dev-tools package.
ucf / ucf.conf(5)
Site-wide configuration file for ucf
ucimf / ucimf.conf(5)
Ucimf configuration files
udhcpd / udhcpd.conf(5)
Udhcp server configuration file
udisks-glue / udisks-glue.conf(5)
Udisks-glue configuration file format
sane-utils / umax_pp(5)
Sane backend for umax astra parallel port flatbed scanners
unbound / unbound.conf(5)
Unbound configuration file.
unifont-bin / unifont(5)
A bitmapped font with full unicode plane 0 (bmp) coverage
freeradius-common / unlang(5)
Freeradius processing un-language
rhn-client-tools / up2date(5)
Configuration file for red hat network client programs.
exim4-config / update-exim4.conf.conf(5)
Generate exim4 configuration files.
initramfs-tools / update-initramfs.conf(5)
Configuration file for update-initramfs
mlocate / updatedb.conf(5)
A configuration file for updatedb(8)
texlive-base / updmap.cfg(5)
Configuration of font mapping/inclusion for dvips and friends.
upgrade-system / upgrade-system.conf(5)
Configuration file for upgrade-system(8)
linux-igd / upnpd.conf(5)
Upnpd(8) configuration file
nut-server / ups.conf(5)
Ups definitions for network ups tools
nut-server / upsd.conf(5)
Configuration for network ups tools upsd
nut-server / upsd.users(5)
Administrative user definitions for nut upsd
nut-client / upsmon.conf(5)
Configuration for network ups tools upsmon
nut-client / upssched.conf(5)
Configuration for upssched timer program
nut-cgi / upsset.conf(5)
Configuration for network ups tools upsset.cgi
nut-cgi / upsstats.html(5)
Html template for network ups tools upsstats
uptimed / uptimed.conf(5)
The configuration file for uptimed(8)
siege / urls_txt(5)
Url database for regression testing
xdg-user-dirs / user-dirs.conf(5)
Configuration for xdg-user-dirs-update
xdg-user-dirs / user-dirs.defaults(5)
Default settings for xdg user dirs
xdg-user-dirs / user-dirs.dirs(5)
Settings for xdg user dirs
postgresql-client-common / user_clusters(5)
File linking users to postgresql clusters
selinux-utils / user_contexts(5)
The selinux user contexts configuration files
freeradius-common / users(5)
User authorization file for the freeradius server
uswsusp / uswsusp.conf(5)
Config file for the s2disk program
manpages / utmp(5)
Login records
manpages / utmpx(5)
Login records
uucpsend / uucpsend.ctl(5)
List of sites to feed via uucpsend
sharutils / uuencode(5)
Format of an encoded uuencode file
freehdl / v2cc.libs(5)
Vhdl library mapping file for the freehdl compiler/simulator.
libsnmp-base / variables(5)
isdnvboxserver / vbox(5)
File format
isdnvboxserver / vbox.conf(5)
Config file for vbox
isdnvboxserver / vboxd.conf(5)
Config file for vboxd (the daemon)
isdnvboxserver / vboxgetty.conf(5)
Config file for vboxgetty
isdnvboxclient / vboxrc(5)
User config file for vbox
isdnvboxserver / vboxtcl(5)
Tcl commands for vboxgetty
libhts-dev / vcf(5)
Variant call format
vdr / vdr(5)
The video disk recorder files
vgrabbj / vgrabbj.conf(5)
Configuration file for vgrabbj
umview / viewospasswd(5)
Login info for kmview-umview users
vim-addon-manager / vim-registry(5)
Syntax for vim-addons registry files
selinux-utils / virtual_domain_context(5)
The selinux virtual machine domain context configuration file
selinux-utils / virtual_image_context(5)
The selinux virtual machine image context configuration file
vlan / vlan-interfaces(5)
Vlan extensions for the interfaces(5) file format
vlock / vlock-plugins(5)
Plugin support for vlock
vmm / vmm.cfg(5)
Configuration file for vmm
dnet-progs / vmsmail.conf(5)
Vmsmail configuration file
vnstat / vnstat.conf(5)
Vnstat configuration file
vsftpd / vsftpd.conf(5)
Config file for vsftpd
vtprint / vtprintcap(5)
Database of terminal printer control codes
vtun / vtund.conf(5)
Vtun(virtual tunnel) daemon configuration file.
vzctl / vz.conf(5)
Global openvz configuration file
watchcatd / watchcatd.conf(5)
Configuration file for watchcatd(8)
watchdog / watchdog.conf(5)
Configuration file for the watchdog daemon
wavemon / wavemonrc(5)
Wavemon configuration file
wayv / wayv.conf(5)
Configuration file for wayv
wdm / wdm.options(5)
Configuration options for wings display manager
wdm / wdmlogin.conf(5)
Configuration options for wdmlogin
weather-util / weatherrc(5)
Configuration file format for the weather(1) utility
weborf-daemon / weborf.conf(5)
Configuration file for weborf daemon
weston / weston.ini(5)
Configuration file for weston - the reference wayland compositor
whereami / whereami.conf(5)
Whereami.conf configuration file for whereami
whois / whois.conf(5)
Alternative whois servers list for whois client
wicd-daemon / wicd-manager-settings.conf(5)
Contains settings that control wicd's behavior
wicd-daemon / wicd-wired-settings.conf(5)
Controls wicd's wired network settings
wicd-daemon / wicd-wireless-settings.conf(5)
Controls wicd's wireless network settings
wifi-radar / wifi-radar.conf(5)
Configuration file for wifi radar
slurm-client / wiki.conf(5)
Slurm configuration file for wiki and wiki2 scheduler plugins
libwildmidi-config / wildmidi.cfg(5)
Config file for libwildmidi
wmbiff / wmbiffrc(5)
Configuration file for wmbiff(1)
wpasupplicant / wpa_supplicant.conf(5)
Configuration file for wpa_supplicant
manpages / wtmp(5)
Login records
wvdial / wvdial.conf(5)
Wvdial configuration file
selinux-utils / x_contexts(5)
Userspace selinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the x window system contexts backend. this backend is also used to determine the default context for labeling remotely connected x clients
xawtv / xawtvrc(5)
Tv apps config file
xdm / xdm.options(5)
Configuration options for the x display manager
hylafax-server / xferfaxlog(5)
\*(fx activity log
proftpd-basic / xferlog(5)
Proftpd server logfile
libforms-dev / xforms(5)
A gui toolkit for x window systems
xfsprogs / xfs(5)
Layout and mount options for the xfs filesystem
libxine2-doc / xine(5)
A free video player
xinetd / xinetd.conf(5)
Extended internet services daemon configuration file
xinetd / xinetd.log(5)
Xinetd service log format
xl2tpd / xl2tpd.conf(5)
L2tpd configuration file
xneur / xneurrc(5)
Configuration file for xneur
xserver-xorg-core / xorg.conf(5)
Configuration files for xorg x server
xserver-xorg-core / xorg.conf.d(5)
Configuration files for xorg x server
xpdf / xpdfrc(5)
Configuration file for xpdf tools (version 3.03)
xrdp / xrdp.ini(5)
Configuration file for xrdp(8)
xymon / xymon-xmh(5)
Configuration items available online
xymon-client / xymonclient.cfg(5)
Xymon client environment variables
xymon / xymonserver.cfg(5)
Xymon environment variables
xymon / xymonweb(5)
Xymon web page headers, footers and forms.
xymon / xymonwebaccess(5)
Web-based access controls in xymon
yagiuda / yagi(5)
Yagi binary output format
yapet / yapet_config(5)
Format of yapet configuration file
yaws / yaws.conf(5)
Configuration file for the yaws web server
erlang-yaws / yaws_api(5)
Api available to yaws web server programmers
erlang-yaws / yaws_soap_lib(5)
Api for the yaws soap-functionality
nis / yp.conf(5)
Nis binding configuration file
nis / ypserv.conf(5)
Configuration file for ypserv and rpc.ypxfrd
yum / yum.conf(5)
Configuration file for yum(8).
zathura / zathurarc(5)
A document viewer
zbackup / zbackup(5)
Versatile deduplicating backup tool
fiaif / zone.conf(5)
Fiaif zone configuration files
libzorp-dev / zorp-config(5)
Zorp compilation environment
zorp / zorpctl.conf(5)
Zorpctl(8) configuration file.
audispd-plugins / zos-remote.conf(5)
The audisp-racf plugin configuration file