0ad / 0ad(6)
A real-time strategy game of ancient warfare
2048-qt / 2048-qt(6)
The 2048 number game implemented in qt
3dchess / 3Dc(6)
Program to play 3d chess for x
4digits / 4digits(6)
Guess-the-number puzzle game
4digits / 4digits-text(6)
Guess-the-number puzzle game
7kaa / 7kaa(6)
Real time strategy game
blocks-of-the-undead / BlocksOfTheUndead(6)
Tetris attack clone with spooky undertones
gomoku.app / Gomoku(6)
Extended tictactoe game for gnustep
gravitation / Gravitation(6)
A game about mania, melancholia, and the creative process.
gridlock.app / Gridlock(6)
Collection of grid-based board games
filters / LOLCAT(6)
Assorted text filters
sl / LS(6)
Display animations aimed to correct users who accidentally enter ls instead of ls.
maelstrom / Maelstrom-netd(6)
An arcade-style game resembling asteroids
pgapack / PGAError(6)
Reports error messages. prints out the message supplied, and the value of a piece of data. terminates if pga_fatal.
pgapack / PGAGetMaxMachineDoubleValue(6)
Returns the largest double of the current machine
pgapack / PGAGetMaxMachineIntValue(6)
Returns the largest integer of the current machine
pgapack / PGAGetMinMachineDoubleValue(6)
Returns the smallest double of the current machine
pgapack / PGAGetMinMachineIntValue(6)
Returns the smallest integer of the current machine
passage / Passage(6)
A game about the passage through life
primrose / Primrose(6)
A compelling tile-placement puzzle game
searchandrescue-common / SearchAndRescue(6)
Air rescue flight simulator
a7xpg / a7xpg(6)
Chase action game
abe / abe(6)
Abe's amazing adventure
torcs / accc(6)
Ac3d compiler
acm / acm(6)
An aerial combat simulator for x
adanaxisgpl / adanaxisgpl(6)
A deep space 4d action game.
adonthell / adonthell(6)
A free role playing game engine.
adonthell-data / adonthell-wastesedge(6)
Waste's edge game for the adonthell engine.
alex4 / alex4(6)
Alex the allegator 4, a retro platform game
alienblaster / alienblaster(6)
2d arcade shooter game
amoebax / amoebax(6)
Match-3 action-puzzle game
amor / amor(6)
A kde creature for your desktop
amphetamine / amph(6)
Exciting jump'n run game that offers some unique visual effects
amphetamine / amphetamine(6)
Exciting jump'n run game that offers some unique visual effects
an / an(6)
Anagram generator
angband / angband(6)
Is a graphical dungeon adventure game in the vein of rogue
angrydd / angrydd(6)
A falling block puzzle game
animals / animals(6)
Traditional ai game that learns about animals from the player
antigravitaattori / antigrav(6)
Multiplayer flying saucer racing game
ardentryst / ardentryst(6)
Action/rpg sidescoller, focused on story and character development
armagetronad / armagetronad(6)
A 3d tron-like high speed game
armagetronad-dedicated / armagetronad-dedicated(6)
An armagetron advanced dedicated game server
armagetronad-dedicated / armagetronad-dedicated.real(6)
An armagetron advanced dedicated game server
armagetronad / armagetronad.real(6)
A 3d tron-like high speed game
asc / asc(6)
Advanced strategic command - turn based strategy game
asc / asc_demount(6)
Advanced strategic command demount
asc / asc_mapedit(6)
Map editor for advanced strategic command game
asc / asc_mount(6)
Advanced strategic command mount
asc / asc_weaponguide(6)
Advanced strategic command weaponguide generator
asciijump / asciijump(6)
Small and funny ascii-art game about ski jumping
asylum / asylum(6)
A surreal platform shooting game
atanks / atanks(6)
Obliterate each other with oversize weapons
atom4 / atom4(6)
Two-player color puzzle game
atomix / atomix(6)
Molecule puzzle game
attal / attal-ai(6)
Attal-ai turn-based strategy game, ai player
attal / attal-campaign-editor(6)
Attal-campaign-editor turn-based strategy game, campaign editor
attal / attal-client(6)
Attal-client turn-based strategy game, client
attal / attal-scenario-editor(6)
Attal-scenario-editor turn-based strategy game, scenario editor
attal / attal-server(6)
Attal-server turn-based strategy game, server
attal / attal-theme-editor(6)
Attal-theme-editor turn-based strategy game, theme editor
auralquiz / auralquiz(6)
Simple music quiz game using your own music files
filters / b1ff(6)
Assorted text filters
balazar3-common / balazar3(6)
Dungeon adventure game with multiplayer support
balazarbrothers / balazar_brothers(6)
Balazar brothers game
balder2d / balder2d(6)
2d zero gravity shooter
ballerburg / ballerburg(6)
A castle combat game
ballz / ballz(6)
Platform/puzzle game where you control a rolling ball
bambam / bambam(6)
A keyboard mashing and doodling game for babies
barrage / barrage(6)
Rather destructive action game
bastet / bastet(6)
Tetris(r) clone with "bastard" block-choosing ai
gnubg / bearoffdump(6)
Dump a position from the gnu backgammon bearoff database
fortunes-de / beilagen(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
berusky / berusky(6)
Logic game based on an ancient puzzle named sokoban
berusky2 / berusky2(6)
Logic game bugs escape 3d
between / between(6)
A game about consciousness and isolation
crimson / bi2cf(6)
A map conversion tool for crimson fields
billard-gl / billard-gl(6)
Opengl billiards game
biloba / biloba(6)
Multiplayer strategy board game
biloba / biloba-server(6)
Multiplayer strategy board game server tool
biniax2 / biniax2(6)
Logic game with arcade and tactics modes
black-box / black-box(6)
Find the crystals
xjokes / blackhole(6)
Draws funny things on an xdisplay
blinken / blinken(6)
A memory enhancement game
blobandconquer / blobAndConquer(6)
3d platform shooting game
blobby / blobby(6)
A volleyball game with blobs
blobby-server / blobby-server(6)
A volleyball game with blobs
bloboats / bloboats(6)
A boat racing game
blobwars / blobwars(6)
Platform shooting game
blockattack / blockattack(6)
Blockattack rise of the blocks
blockout2 / blockout2(6)
The tetris like game (3d tetris)
blocks-of-the-undead / blocks-of-the-undead(6)
Tetris attack clone with spooky undertones
bombardier / bombardier(6)
The gnu bombing utility
bomberclone / bomberclone(6)
Bomberclone free bomberman-like game
boswars / boswars(6)
Futuristic real-time strategy game
bouncy / bouncy(6)
Game for kids
bovo / bovo(6)
Kde five in a row board game
brainparty / brainparty(6)
36 puzzle games for all the family
briquolo / briquolo(6)
Fast paced 3d breakout game
fortunes-de / brot(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
brutalchess / brutalchess(6)
3d chess game
btanks / btanks(6)
Fast 2d tank arcade game
bubbros / bubbros(6)
Generic startup script for bub-n-bros
bubbros / bubbros-client(6)
The bub-n-bros client
bubbros / bubbros-server(6)
The bub-n-bros server.
bugsquish / bugsquish(6)
Bugs are trying to suck blood out of your arm!
bumprace / bumprace(6)
Bumprace a simple arcade game
burgerspace / burgerspace(6)
A hamburger-smashing video game
burgerspace / burgerspace-server(6)
Udp server for the networked version of burgerspace
bygfoot / bygfoot(6)
Football (a.k.a soccer) management game.
bzflag-server / bzadmin(6)
A text based client for bzflag
bzflag-client / bzflag(6)
A tank battle game
bzflag-server / bzfs(6)
Bzflag game server
tworld-data / c4(6)
Chip's challenge combined converter
castle-combat / castle-combat(6)
Enclose land and destroy your opponent's castle
cookietool / cdbdiff(6)
Program to operate cookie (fortune) database
cookietool / cdbsplit(6)
Program to operate cookie (fortune) database
ceferino / ceferino(6)
Action game similar to super pang
ceferino / ceferinoeditor(6)
Action game similar to super pang
ceferino / ceferinosetup(6)
Action game similar to super pang
filters / censor(6)
Assorted text filters
crimson / cf2bmp(6)
Convert crimson fields levels to bmp images
crimson / cfed(6)
A level compiler for crimson fields
crossfire-client / cfsndserv(6)
Crossfire client sound server
cgoban / cgoban(6)
X11 go toolset
filters / chef(6)
Assorted text filters
chessx / chessx(6)
Chess database
childsplay / childsplay(6)
Educational games for young children.
figlet / chkfont(6)
Checks figlet 2.0 and up font files for format errors
chromium-bsu / chromium-bsu(6)
Slick scrolling space shooter
circuslinux / circuslinux(6)
The clowns are trying to pop balloons to score points!
jzip / ckifzs(6)
Verifies a quetzal/ifzs file
xboard / cmail(6)
X graphical user interface for chess
filters / cockney(6)
Assorted text filters
colorcode / colorcode(6)
Advanced clone of the mastermind code-breaking game
crimson / comet(6)
A mission editor for crimson fields
cookietool / cookietool(6)
Program to operate cookie (fortune) database
cowsay / cowsay(6)
Configurable speaking/thinking cow (and a bit more)
cowsay / cowthink(6)
Configurable speaking/thinking cow (and a bit more)
crack-attack / crack-attack(6)
Multiplayer opengl puzzle game like "tetris attack"
crimson / crimson(6)
A hex-based tactical combat game
criticalmass / critter(6)
Space shootemup resembling galaxian
crossfire-client / crossfire-client-gtk2(6)
Second generation gtk client for crossfire servers.
crossfire-server / crossfire-config(6)
Give information to plugin about crossfire server
crossfire-server / crossfire-server(6)
A multiplayer adventure and arcade game server
tourney-manager / crosstable(6)
Utility script to print a crosstable from a set of .pgn files
csmash / csmash(6)
A table tennis simulation game
cuyo-data / cual(6)
Cuyo animation language cual is the main language used to describe the animations in cuyo. strictly speaking it's the stuff between the brackets in the level description files (xxx.ld). on the other hand this man page aims at being a complete description of how to write levels for cuyo. but it's still under construction. see the file "example.ld" to get an idea of how the rest of the level description works. there's also a bit of example cual code in "example.ld". and of course, all the existing levels are examples. note that cual is probably still very buggy. so if strange things happen and you're sure it's not your fault, tell me ([email protected]).
cube2 / cube2(6)
A 3d first-person shooter engine
cube2-server / cube2-server(6)
Network server for cube2
cultivation / cultivation(6)
Game about the interactions within a gardening community
curseofwar / curseofwar(6)
Real time strategy game for linux
cuyo-data / cuyo(6)
Tetris-like game with many suprises
dangen / dangen(6)
Shoot 'em up game where accurate shooting matters
darkplaces / darkplaces(6)
An engine for id software's quake and related games
darkplaces-server / darkplaces-server(6)
An engine for id software's quake and related games
dds / dds(6)
Double dummy solver frontend
deal / deal(6)
Bridge hand generator
dealer / dealer(6)
Bridge hand generator
dealer / dealer.dpp(6)
Preprocessor for dealer scripts
defendguin / defendguin(6)
A bidirectionally scrolling space game based on defender.
fortunes-de / dessert(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
nethack-common / dgn_comp(6)
Nethack dungeon compiler
freedink-engine / dink(6)
Adventure and role-playing game (engine)
freedink-engine / dinkedit(6)
Adventure and role-playing game (editor)
nethack-common / dlb(6)
Nethack data librarian
dodgindiamond2 / dodgindiamond2(6)
Little arcade game shooter for one or two players
dopewars / dopewars(6)
Drug dealing game
dossizola / dossizola(6)
Isola game with nice graphics
drascula / drascula(6)
Classic 2d point and click adventure game
dreamchess / dreamchess(6)
User interface for xboard-compatible chess engines
dreamchess / dreamer(6)
An xboard-compatible chess engine
dvorak7min / dvorak7min(6)
Typing tutor for the dvorak keyboard layout
eboard / eboard(6)
A graphical chess board
scid / eco2pgn(6)
Chess database and utility programs
efp / efp.nes(6)
Escape from pong nes game
einstein / einstein(6)
Puzzle game inspired on einstein's puzzle
filters / eleet(6)
Assorted text filters
empire-hub / emp_hub(6)
Empire multiplexer
empire / empire(6)
The wargame of the century
enemylines3 / enemylines3(6)
Enemylines3 a game (shoot'em up)
enemylines7 / enemylines7(6)
A shoot'em up game
tourney-manager / engine-engine-match(6)
Utility script to act as xboard replacement
enigma / enigma(6)
Puzzle game reminiscent of oxyd
epiphany / epiphany-game(6)
Boulderdash clone
patchutils / espdiff(6)
Apply the appropriate transformation to a set of patches
extremetuxracer / etracer(6)
Etracer 3d racing game featuring tux, the linux penguin
etw / etw(6)
Eat the whistle
excellent-bifurcation / excellent-bifurcation(6)
An abstract two-sided vertical shooter
filters / fanboy(6)
Assorted text filters
freecell-solver-bin / fc-solve(6)
Automated solver for freecell and related solitiare variants
fceux / fceux(6)
An emulator for the original (8-bit) nintendo / famicom game console.
fceux / fceux-net-server(6)
Fce ultra game server
ffrenzy / ffrenzy(6)
Multiplayer platform game with dwarfs fighting with/for food
ffrenzy / ffrenzy-menu(6)
Graphical launcher menu for the feeding frenzy! game
fgo / fgo(6)
A graphical launcher for flightgear
figlet / figlet-figlet(6)
Display large characters made up of ordinary screen characters
figlet / figlist(6)
Lists figlet fonts and control files
fillets-ng / fillets(6)
Puzzle game about witty fish saving the world sokoban style
filters / filters(6)
Assorted text filters
five-or-more / five-or-more(6)
Gnome port of the once-popular colour lines game
fizmo-console / fizmo-console(6)
Bare-bone console implementation of the fizmo z-maschine interpreter.
fizmo-ncursesw / fizmo-ncursesw(6)
Wide-character-ncurses implementation of the fizmo z-machine interpreter.
flare-game / flare(6)
Diablo like rpg game
fltk1.1-games / flblocks(6)
The fltk block attack! game
fltk1.3-games / flblocks(6)
The fltk block attack! game
fltk1.1-games / flcheckers(6)
The fltk checkers game
fltk1.3-games / flcheckers(6)
The fltk checkers game
flobopuyo / flobopuyo(6)
A clone of the japanese puyopuyo game
fltk1.1-games / flsudoku(6)
The fltk sudoku game
fltk1.3-games / flsudoku(6)
The fltk sudoku game
fofix / fofix(6)
Rock band(tm)-like opengl rhythm game
foobillardplus / foobillardplus(6)
3d opengl billiard game
fortune-mod / fortune(6)
Print a random, hopefully interesting, adage
four-in-a-row / four-in-a-row(6)
Four-in-a-row game for gnome
fprint-demo / fprint_demo(6)
Simple gtk+ testing libfprint's functions
freeciv-data / freeciv-client(6)
The clients for the freeciv game
freeciv-client-extras / freeciv-manual(6)
Generate html manual for freeciv-server(6)
freeciv-client-extras / freeciv-modpack(6)
Custom content installer for the freeciv game
freeciv-server / freeciv-server(6)
The server for the freeciv game
freecol / freecol(6)
A free clone of colonization
freecraft / freecraft(6)
Realtime strategy game
freedink-engine / freedink(6)
Adventure and role-playing game (engine)
freedink-engine / freedinkedit(6)
Adventure and role-playing game (editor)
freedm / freedm(6)
Automatically launch freedoom with an engine
freedoom / freedoom1(6)
Automatically launch freedoom with an engine
freedoom / freedoom2(6)
Automatically launch freedoom with an engine
freedroid / freedroid(6)
A free paradroid clone
freegish / freegish(6)
A physics based arcade game
freeorion / freeorion(6)
Turn-based space empire and galactic conquest game
freesweep / freesweep(6)
A curses minesweeper-style game
freetennis / freetennis(6)
Free tennis simulation game
freevial / freevial(6)
Trivia platform for community events
fretsonfire-game / fretsonfire(6)
Fretsonfire game of musical skill and fast fingers
frotz / frotz(6)
Interpreter for infocom and other z-machine games
fruit / fruit(6)
Fruit is a uci-only chess engine.
filters / fudd(6)
Assorted text filters
funguloids / funguloids(6)
"those funny funguloids!"
funnyboat / funnyboat(6)
An arcade boat game
gamazons / gamazons(6)
Gamazons amazons boardgame for gnome
gameclock / gameclock(6)
A simple game clock
gamine / gamine(6)
Gamine a simple game for young children
garden-of-coloured-lights / garden(6)
Abstract vertical shooter with music elements
gargoyle-free / gargoyle-free(6)
Interactive fiction player
gav / gav(6)
A simple graphical 2-player volleyball game
gbatnav / gbnclient(6)
Gnome client for batalla naval
gbatnav / gbnrobot(6)
Gnome ai client for batalla naval
gbatnav / gbnserver(6)
Gnome server for batalla naval
gbrainy / gbrainy(6)
A brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained
gcompris / gcompris(6)
Manual page for gcompris gcompris
gearhead / gearhead(6)
Roguelike mecha role playing game
geki2 / geki2(6)
A vertical shoot'em-up
geki3 / geki3(6)
A horizontal shoot'em-up
gemdropx / gemdropx(6)
An interesting one-player puzzle game for x-window
gfpoken / gfpoken(6)
Recreate a grid of mirrors from clues
ghextris / ghextris(6)
Hextris game for gnome
gl-117 / gl-117(6)
An opengl action flight simulator
glaurung / glaurung(6)
Free uci chess engine, to calculate chess moves
glhack / glhack(6)
Exploring the mazes of menace
glotski / glotski(6)
A sliding blocks puzzle
glpeces / glpeces(6)
Tagram game
gltron / gltron(6)
A tron-like 3d lightcycle game
gmult / gmult(6)
Figure out which letters are which numbers
gnome-breakout / gnome-breakout(6)
Addictive breakout game for gnome
gnome-chess / gnome-chess(6)
Gnome-chess a simple chess application for gnome
gnome-hearts / gnome-hearts(6)
Gnome-hearts play a game of hearts
gnome-klotski / gnome-klotski(6)
Sliding block puzzles game for gnome
gnome-mahjongg / gnome-mahjongg(6)
A matching game played with mahjongg tiles
gnome-mines / gnome-mines(6)
The popular logic puzzle minesweeper
gnome-mud / gnome-mud(6)
A mud client for the gnome desktop environment.
gnome-nibbles / gnome-nibbles(6)
A worm game for gnome
gnome-robots / gnome-robots(6)
Based on classic bsd robots
gnome-sudoku / gnome-sudoku(6)
Gnome-sudoku puzzle game for the popular japanese sudoku logic puzzle
gnome-tetravex / gnome-tetravex(6)
A simple puzzle game for gnome
gnubg / gnubg(6)
Gnu backgammon program
gnubik / gnubik(6)
An interactive, graphic magic cube program.
gnuchess / gnuchess(6)
Plays a game of chess, either against the user or against itself.
gnuchess / gnuchessu(6)
Start gnu chess in uci mode.
gnuchess / gnuchessx(6)
Plays a game of chess, either against the user or against itself.
gnudoq / gnudoq(6)
Gnudoq a qt sudoku game with a sudoku solver and printer support.
gnugo / gnugo(6)
The \s-1gnu\s0 program to play the game of go
gnujump / gnujump(6)
A xjump clone
gnurobbo / gnurobbo(6)
Remake of robbo, the classical atari game
gnurobots / gnurobots(6)
Program a robot to explore a world
gnushogi / gnushogi(6)
Gnu shogi (japanese chess)
golly / golly(6)
Conway's game of life
gplanarity / gplanarity(6)
Gplanarity simple puzzle game involving untangling planar graphs
gpsshogi / gpsshell(6)
Gpsshogi shell like client
gpsshogi / gpsshogi(6)
Gpsshogi for xshogi and the csa protocol
gpsshogi / gpsshogi-viewer(6)
Gpsshogi viewer
gpsshogi / gpsusi(6)
Gpsshogi for the usi protocol
cgoban / grab_cgoban(6)
Take a snapshot of a cgoban board
granatier / granatier(6)
Bomberman clone
gravitywars / gravitywars(6)
Clone of gravity force
greed / greed(6)
Eat a game field until you run out of moves
grhino / grhino(6)
Othello/reversi boardgame
groundhog / groundhog(6)
Simple logic game.
gtans / gtans(6)
Tangram game for x
gtetrinet / gtetrinet(6)
A tetrinet client for x using gtk+ and gnome-libs.
gtkatlantic / gtkatlantic(6)
Game like monopoly™
gtkboard / gtkboard(6)
Play a variety of board games
gtkpool / gtkpool(6)
Simple gtk+ pool billiard game
grhino / gtp-rhino(6)
Gtp frontend for rhino
gunroar / gunroar(6)
360-degree gunboat shooter
hannah / hannah(6)
Help hannah's horse, pacman-like game
fortunes-de / hauptgericht(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
hedgewars / hedgewars(6)
A free turn based strategy game
heroes-common / heroeslvl(6)
Inspect heroes' level files
hex-a-hop / hex-a-hop(6)
Puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles
hexalate / hexalate(6)
A color matching game
higan / higan(6)
Accurate nintendo multi-system emulator
higan / higan-accuracy(6)
Accurate nintendo multi-system emulator (accuracy profile)
higan / higan-balanced(6)
Accurate nintendo multi-system emulator (balanced profile)
higan / higan-performance(6)
Accurate nintendo multi-system emulator (performance profile)
hitori / hitori(6)
Plays the game of hitori
hoichess / hoichess(6)
Xboard compatible chess engine hoixiangqi - xiangqi engine
hoichess / hoixiangqi(6)
Xboard compatible chess engine hoixiangqi - xiangqi engine
holdingnuts / holdingnuts(6)
A poker client and server
holdingnuts-server / holdingnuts-server(6)
A poker client and server
holotz-castle / holotz-castle(6)
Platform game with high dosis of mistery
holotz-castle-editor / holotz-castle-editor(6)
Editor for holotz-castle game
hyperrogue / hyper(6)
Non-euclidean graphical rogue-like game
iagno / iagno(6)
A disk flipping game derived from reversi
icebreaker / icebreaker(6)
An addictive action-puzzle game for x.
ii-esu / ii-esu(6)
Abstract shooter
infon-viewer / infon(6)
Program bugs to compete for food and survival
instead / instead(6)
Simple text adventure engine, the interpreter
manpages / intro(6)
Introduction to games
ioquake3-server / ioq3ded(6)
Ioquake3 game engine (dedicated server)
ioquake3 / ioquake3(6)
Ioquake3 game engine (client)
jester / jester(6)
An x-based game similar to othello(tm)
filters / jethro(6)
Assorted text filters
filters / jibberish(6)
Assorted text filters
jigzo / jigzo(6)
An opengl jigsaw game
filters / jive(6)
Assorted text filters
jumpnbump / jumpnbump(6)
Cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies
jumpnbump / jumpnbump-gobpack(6)
Cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies
jumpnbump / jumpnbump-menu(6)
Cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies
jumpnbump / jumpnbump-pack(6)
Cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies
jumpnbump / jumpnbump-unpack(6)
Cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies
jumpnbump / jumpnbump.fbcon(6)
Cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies
jumpnbump / jumpnbump.svgalib(6)
Cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies
jzip / jzexe(6)
Generates standalone z-code programs
jzip / jzip(6)
Execute infocom v1-5 and inform v1-5 & v8 game files
kajongg / kajongg(6)
Kde mah jongg
kajongg / kajonggserver(6)
Kde mah jongg server
fortunes-de / kalt(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
katomic / katomic(6)
The atomic entertainment handbook
kawari8 / kawari_decode2(6)
Kawari_encode, kawari_encode2, kawari_decode2 kawari 8.0 encoder/decoder
kawari8 / kawari_encode(6)
Kawari_encode, kawari_encode2, kawari_decode2 kawari 8.0 encoder/decoder
kawari8 / kawari_encode2(6)
Kawari_encode, kawari_encode2, kawari_decode2 kawari 8.0 encoder/decoder
kball / kball(6)
A game of skill and reflexes for all the family
kblackbox / kblackbox(6)
Kde blackbox game
kblocks / kblocks(6)
Kde blocks game
kbounce / kbounce(6)
Kde jezz ball game
kbreakout / kbreakout(6)
Kde breakout game
kbtin / kbtin(6)
A mud client and an environment for line-based programs
ktron / kdesnake(6)
A race in hyperspace
kdiamond / kdiamond(6)
Kde diamond game
filters / ken(6)
Assorted text filters
filters / kenny(6)
Assorted text filters
ketm / ketm(6)
Kill everything that moves
kfourinline / kfourinline(6)
Connect four clone for kde
kfourinline / kfourinlineproc(6)
Ai backend for kfourinline
kgoldrunner / kgoldrunner(6)
Kde version of the loderunner arcade game
khangman / khangman(6)
The classical hangman game for kde
kigo / kigo(6)
Kde go board game
kiki / kiki(6)
Kiki tool for python regular expression testing
kiki-the-nano-bot / kiki-the-nano-bot(6)
Kiki the nano bot, a 3d puzzle game
kildclient / kildclient(6)
A powerful mud client with a built-in perl interpreter
killbots / killbots(6)
Kde game of killer robots and teleportation
kiriki / kiriki(6)
A yahtzee dice game for kde
kjumpingcube / kjumpingcube(6)
Tactical one or two player game
klickety / klickety(6)
A little game about balls and how to get rid of them
klines / klines(6)
Color lines game for kde
kmahjongg / kmahjongg(6)
Mahjongg game for kde
kmines / kmines(6)
Kde mine sweeper game
knavalbattle / knavalbattle(6)
The kde battleship clone
knetwalk / knetwalk(6)
A game for system administrators
knights / knights(6)
Chess board based on kde development platform 4
kobodeluxe / kobodl(6)
Kobo deluxe, an enhanced version of the scrolling game xkobo
kolf / kolf(6)
A miniature golf game for kde
kollision / kollision(6)
Kde collision game
komi / komi(6)
A simple game for one player.
konquest / konquest(6)
Gnu-lactic konquest
kawari8 / kosui(6)
Kosui kawari 8.0 interpreter
koules / koules(6)
Action game for x11
kpat / kpat(6)
Kde patience game
krank / krank(6)
Is a game of dexterity where you match stones together.
kraptor / kraptor(6)
A classic shoot 'em up scroller game
filters / kraut(6)
Assorted text filters
kreversi / kreversi(6)
Kde reversi board kde
kshisen / kshisen(6)
Shisen-sho for kde
ksirk / ksirk(6)
Kde risk strategy game
ksirk / ksirkskineditor(6)
Ksirk skin editor
kspaceduel / kspaceduel(6)
Arcade two-player space game for kde
ksquares / ksquares(6)
Kde dots and boxes game
ksudoku / ksudoku(6)
Kde sudoku games
ktron / ktron(6)
A race in hyperspace
ktuberling / ktuberling(6)
Potato game for kids
kubrick / kubrick(6)
Kde color cube game
fortunes-de / kuchen(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
filters / ky00te(6)
Assorted text filters
laby / laby(6)
Learn programming playing with ants and spider webs
empire-lafe / lafe(6)
Latency free empire client
laserboy / laserboy(6)
Laser show software for soundcard operation
late / late(6)
A simple game for one player.
lbreakout2 / lbreakout2(6)
Breakout clone with pretty graphics
lbreakout2 / lbreakout2server(6)
Lbreakout2 multi-player server
nethack-common / lev_comp(6)
Nethack special levels compiler
lgeneral / lgeneral(6)
A turn-based strategy game engine.
lightyears / lightyears(6)
Single player real-time strategy game with steampunk sci-fi
lincity / lincity(6)
A city/country simulation game.
lincity-ng / lincity-ng(6)
City simulator game with polished graphics
linthesia / linthesia(6)
Fork of synthesia to gnu/linux.
liquidwar-server / liquidwar-server(6)
A unique multiplayer wargame
littlewizard / littlewizard(6)
Development environment for children
lmarbles / lmarbles(6)
Build figures out of colored marbles
lmemory / lmemory(6)
Children's "memory" card game
londonlaw / london-client(6)
The londonlaw game client
londonlaw / london-server(6)
The network game server for londonlaw
lordsawar / lordsawar(6)
A warlords ii clone
lordsawar / lordsawar-army-editor(6)
Create and edit lordsawar armies
lordsawar / lordsawar-editor(6)
Create and edit lordsawar maps
lordsawar / lordsawar-pbm(6)
Play lordsawar via e-mail.
lordsawar / lordsawar-tile-editor(6)
Create and edit lordsawar tilesets
lordsawar / lordsawar_server(6)
Start a lordsawar server.
lskat / lskat(6)
Lieutnant skat card game for kde
ltris / ltris(6)
Tetris clone
luola / luola(6)
Luola a 2d arcade game where you fly a small v shaped ship in different kinds of levels.
lure-of-the-temptress / lure(6)
Classic 2d point and click fantasy adventure game
macopix-gtk2 / macopix(6)
Mascot constructive pilot for x
madbomber / madbomber(6)
A clone of activision's classic atari 2600 game, "kaboom!
maelstrom / maelstrom(6)
An arcade-style game resembling asteroids
magicmaze / magicmaze(6)
Simple monster-bashing game
magicor / magicor(6)
Puzzle game in the spirit of solomon's key
magicor / magicor-editor(6)
Level editor for magicor
mgt / mailgo(6)
Shell script for using mgt to automate email go games
gnubg / makebearoff(6)
Generate a gnu backgammon bearoff database
gnubg / makehyper(6)
Generate a gnu backgammon hypergammon position database
simutrans-makeobj / makeobj(6)
Compile data sets for simutrans
gnubg / makeweights(6)
Generate a gnu backgammon binary weights file
manaplus / manaplus(6)
Manaplus: a 2d mmorpg client
manaplus / manaplustest(6)
Manaplustest: test tool for manaplus
mancala / mancala(6)
Simple board game for human player and computer
mancala / mancala-text(6)
Simple board game for human player and computer
marsshooter / mars(6)
A ridiculous shooter
matanza / matanza(6)
Space war multiuser ascii game
matanza / matanza-ai(6)
Execute a matanza artificial inteligence from file
mednafen / mednafen(6)
Multi-system emulator
megaglest / megaglest(6)
megaglest / megaglest_editor(6)
megaglest / megaglest_g3dviewer(6)
meritous / meritous(6)
An action adventure dungeon-crawl game
mgt / mgt2short(6)
Converts smart-go files to the short format.
miceamaze / miceamaze(6)
Video game with mice in a maze
micropolis / micropolis(6)
A real-time city management simulator
bsdgames / mille(6)
Play mille bornes
minetest / minetest(6)
Multiplayer infinite-world block sandbox
minetest-server / minetestserver(6)
Minetest server
mirrormagic / mirrormagic(6)
Mindbender/deflektor clone
mmpong-caca / mmpong-caca(6)
Basic console-style mmpong client based on libcaca
mmpong-gl / mmpong-gl(6)
Graphically advanced opengl mmpong client
mmpongd / mmpongd(6)
Masssively multiplayer pong daemon
mazeofgalious / mog(6)
Maze of galious
mokomaze / mokomaze(6)
Ball-in-the-labyrinth game
monopd / monopd(6)
Monopoly™ like game server
monster-masher / monster-masher(6)
Monster-masher gpl'ed mash'em-up action game for gnome
monsterz / monsterz(6)
A puzzle game of monsters
moon-buggy / moon-buggy(6)
Drive some car across the moon
moon-buggy-esd / moon-buggy(6)
Drive some car across the moon
moon-lander / moon-lander(6)
Fun game based on the classic moon lander
xjokes / mori1(6)
Draws funny things on an xdisplay
xjokes / mori2(6)
Draws funny things on an xdisplay
moria / moria(6)
A dungeon game
morris / morris(6)
Nine men's morris game for the gnome desktop
mousetrap / mousetrap(6)
An arcade puzzle game using sdl
mu-cade / mu-cade(6)
Chase action game
mupen64plus-ui-console / mupen64plus(6)
Console front\(hyend for the mupen64plus n64 emulator
nestopia / nestopia(6)
Nintento entertainment system / famicom emulator
nethack-common / nethack(6)
Exploring the mazes of menace
filters / nethackify(6)
Assorted text filters
netpanzer / netpanzer(6)
An online multiplayer tactical warfare game
netrek-client-cow / netrek-client-cow(6)
Manual page for netrek-client-cow 3.2.7
netris / netris(6)
Networked version of tetris
netris / netris-sample-robot(6)
Sample robot for netris
nettoe / nettoe(6)
Networked version of tic tac toe for the console.
neverball / neverball(6)
3d floor-tilting game
neverputt / neverputt(6)
3d miniature golf game
filters / newspeak(6)
Assorted text filters
nexuiz / nexuiz(6)
A 3d deathmatch game
nexuiz-server / nexuiz-server(6)
Nexuiz dedicated server
torcs / nfs2ac(6)
Nfs to ac
torcs / nfsperf(6)
Car specifications converter
ninix-aya / ninix(6)
Ninix ukagaka core program
ninvaders / ninvaders(6)
Ncurses version of space invaders
njam / njam(6)
Pacman-like game with multiplayer support
noiz2sa / noiz2sa(6)
An abstract arcade shooter
onscripter / nsaconv(6)
Nsaconv nsa archive converter
onscripter / nsadec(6)
Nsadec nsa archive decompresser
nsnake / nsnake(6)
Classic snake game on the terminal
numptyphysics / numptyphysics(6)
Crayon-based physics puzzle game
filters / nyc(6)
Assorted text filters
ogamesim / ogamesim(6)
Console ogame simulator
omega-rpg / omega-rpg(6)
A hack-style game with quests.
oneisenough / oneisenough(6)
2d platform game about communist and capitalist balls
oneko / oneko(6)
onscripter / onscripter(6)
Onscripter nscripter-compatible visual novel games engine
onscripter / onscripter-1byte(6)
Onscripter nscripter-compatible visual novel games engine
open-invaders / open-invaders(6)
Space invaders clone
openarena / openarena(6)
Openarena client
openarena-server / openarena-server(6)
Openarena dedicated server
opencity / opencity(6)
Opencity a 3d city simulator game
openclonk / openclonk(6)
Multiplayer game of strategy, action and skill
openssn / openssn(6)
Modern submarine tactical simulator
openyahtzee / openyahtzee(6)
Play a classic game of yahtzee
overgod / overgod(6)
A bi-directional scrolling arcade game
pachi / pachi(6)
Platform game featuring pachi el marciano
pacman / pacman(6)
The game of pacman
pacman4console / pacman4console(6)
Console based pacman game
palapeli / palapeli(6)
Kde jigsaw puzzle game
pangzero / pangzero(6)
Action game that involves popping balloons with a harpoon
parsec47 / parsec47(6)
Retromodern hispeed shmup
pathogen / pathogen(6)
Puzzle game about matching 3d model structures
pathological / pathological(6)
A puzzle game involving paths and marbles
pax-britannica / pax-britannica(6)
One-button real-time strategy game
peg-e / peg-e(6)
Peg elimination solitaire game
peg-solitaire / peg-solitaire(6)
Board game for one player with pegs
pegsolitaire / pegsolitaire(6)
An education game similar to hi-q
penguin-command / penguin-command(6)
A missile command clone
pennmush-common / pennmush(6)
The pennmush mush server
pente / pente(6)
Game of five in a row
pentobi / pentobi(6)
Computer opponent for the board game blokus
pentobi / pentobi-thumbnailer(6)
Thumbnailer for game records for the board game blokus as used by the program pentobi
performous / performous(6)
The free music and rhythm game
petris / petris(6)
Petris is peter's tetris(tm)
scid / pgnfix(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / pgnscid(6)
Chess database and utility programs
phalanx / phalanx(6)
Chess playing program
cavezofphear / phear(6)
Enter the cavez of phear
phlipple / phlipple(6)
Puzzle game where you have to reduce 3d shapes to a single square
pianobooster / pianobooster(6)
Learn the piano just by playing a game
picmi / picmi(6)
Number logic game
pinball / pinball(6)
Addictive pinball simulator
pinball-dev / pinball-config(6)
Returns information about installed pinball libraries and binaries
pingus / pingus(6)
A puzzle game where you have to save penguins
pink-pony / pink-pony(6)
3d racing game with ponies
pioneers / pioneers(6)
Network implementation of settlers of catan
pioneers / pioneers-editor(6)
Editor for the pioneers boardgame
pioneers-meta-server / pioneers-meta-server(6)
Metaserver for pioneers
pioneers-console / pioneers-server-console(6)
Command-line game server for pioneers
pioneers / pioneers-server-gtk(6)
Graphical game server for pioneers
pioneers-console / pioneersai(6)
Computer player for pioneers
pipenightdreams / pipenightdreams(6)
Just another pipe trip (pipedream clon).
filters / pirate(6)
Assorted text filters
pixbros / pixbros(6)
2d game inspired in bubble bobble, snow bros and tumble pop
pixfrogger / pixfrogger(6)
Help the frog cross the street
fortunes-de / plaetzchen(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
plee-the-bear / plee-the-bear(6)
Plee-the-bear 2d platform game
polygen-data / polygen-data(6)
Assorted polygen grammars
polyglot / polyglot(6)
Winboard protocol to uci protocol adapter
pong2 / pong2(6)
Opengl version the arcade classic pong
powermanga / powermanga(6)
Shoot-'em-up game
prboom-plus / prboom-plus(6)
Prboom+, a version of doom for unix, linux and windows systems
prboom-plus-game-server / prboom-plus-game-server(6)
Server for network games of prboom+.
projectl / projectl(6)
Sword action shooting
purity / purity(6)
A general purpose purity test
purity-ng / purity-ng(6)
General purpose purity testing software
pybik / pybik(6)
3d rubik's cube game
pybridge / pybridge(6)
A free online bridge game.
pybridge-server / pybridge-server(6)
A game server for pybridge.
pykaraoke-bin / pycdg(6)
Free cdg/midi/mpeg karaoke player
pykaraoke-bin / pykar(6)
Free cdg/midi/mpeg karaoke player
pykaraoke / pykaraoke(6)
Free cdg/midi/mpeg karaoke player
pykaraoke-bin / pykaraoke_mini(6)
Free cdg/midi/mpeg karaoke player
pykaraoke-bin / pympg(6)
Free cdg/midi/mpeg karaoke player
pynagram / pynagram(6)
Anagram word game
pyracerz / pyracerz(6)
Pyracerz 2d racing car game
0ad / pyrogenesis(6)
A real-time strategy game of ancient warfare
pysiogame / pysiogame(6)
Educational activity pack for kids
pysolfc / pysolfc(6)
A collection of more than 1000 solitaire games
qonk / qonk(6)
Small build-and-conquer strategy game with very simple rules
qtads / qtads(6)
Multimedia interpreter for tads games
quadrapassel / quadrapassel(6)
Tetris-like game for gnome
quarry / quarry(6)
Gui for go, reversi/othello and amazons
flight-of-the-amazon-queen / queen(6)
Fantasy adventure game
qxw / qxw(6)
Create and publish crosswords
rafkill / rafkill(6)
A vertical shoot'em-up
raincat / raincat(6)
2d puzzle game featuring a fuzzy little cat
filters / rasterman(6)
Assorted text filters
realtimebattle / realtimebattle(6)
A robot programming game
nethack-common / recover(6)
Recover a nethack game interrupted by disaster
fortunes-de / regeln(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
renpy / renpy(6)
Engine for creating visual novels
renpy-demo / renpy-demo(6)
Demo script for the ren'py engine
ri-li / ri-li(6)
Ri-li a toy simulator game
rlvm / rlvm(6)
Reallive interpreter clone
robotfindskitten / robotfindskitten(6)
rockdodger / rockdodger(6)
Dodge and blow up rocks with your spaceship
rolldice / rolldice(6)
Rolls virtual dice
rrootage / rrootage(6)
An abstract arcade shooter
plee-the-bear / running-bear(6)
Running-bear the launcher for games made with the bear engine.
fortunes-de / salat(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
onscripter / sardec(6)
Sardec sar archive decompresser
fortunes-de / sauce(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
scid / sc_addmove(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / sc_eco(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / sc_epgn(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / sc_import(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / sc_remote(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / sc_spell(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / sc_tree(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / scid(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / scidlet(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / scidpgn(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / scidt(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / scmerge(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scorched3d / scorched3d(6)
3d game similar to scorched earth
scorched3d / scorched3dc(6)
Scorched 3d game client
scorched3d / scorched3ds(6)
Scorched 3d network server
filters / scottish(6)
Assorted text filters
filters / scramble(6)
Assorted text filters
scribble / scribble(6)
Popular crossword game similar to scrabble(r)
sdl-ball / sdl-ball(6)
Brick-breaking game like dx-ball/arkanoid
instead / sdl-instead(6)
Simple text adventure engine, the interpreter
seahorse-adventures / seahorse-adventures(6)
Help barbie the seahorse float on bubbles to the moon
sgt-puzzles / sgt-blackbox(6)
Ball-finding puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-bridges(6)
Bridge-placing puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-cube(6)
Rolling cube puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-dominosa(6)
Domino tiling puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-fifteen(6)
Sliding block puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-filling(6)
Polyomino puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-flip(6)
Tile inversion puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-galaxies(6)
Symmetric polyomino puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-guess(6)
Combination-guessing puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-inertia(6)
Gem-collecting puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-keen(6)
Arithmetic latin square puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-lightup(6)
Light-bulb placing puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-loopy(6)
Loop-drawing puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-magnets(6)
Magnet-placing puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-map(6)
Map-colouring puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-mines(6)
Mine-finding puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-net(6)
Network jigsaw puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-netslide(6)
Toroidal sliding network puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-pattern(6)
Pattern puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-pearl(6)
Loop-drawing puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-pegs(6)
Peg solitaire puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-range(6)
Visible-distance puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-rect(6)
Rectangles puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-samegame(6)
Block-clearing puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-signpost(6)
Square-connecting puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-singles(6)
Number-removing puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-sixteen(6)
Toroidal sliding block puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-slant(6)
Maze-drawing puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-solo(6)
Number placement puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-tents(6)
Tent-placing puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-towers(6)
Tower-placing latin square puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-twiddle(6)
Rotational sliding block puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-undead(6)
Monster-placing puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-unequal(6)
Latin square puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-unruly(6)
Black and white grid puzzle
sgt-puzzles / sgt-untangle(6)
Planar graph layout puzzle
figlet / showfigfonts(6)
Prints a list of available figlet fonts
simutrans / simutrans(6)
Transportation simulator
singularity / singularity(6)
Singularity a game where you can become the singularity
sjeng / sjeng(6)
Chess program which supports several variants
beneath-a-steel-sky / sky(6)
Science fiction adventure game
sl / sl(6)
Display animations aimed to correct users who accidentally enter sl instead of ls.
sl / sl-h(6)
Display animations aimed to entertain users who liked to see sl runs on their screen.
slashem-common / slashem(6)
Exploring the mazes of menace
slimevolley / slimevolley(6)
Unrealistic 2d volleyball simulation
sm / sm(6)
Displays a short text fullscreen
smc / smc(6)
A jump and run game like super mario world
snake4 / snake4(6)
Game starring a fruit-eating snake.
snake4 / snake4scores(6)
Game starring a fruit-eating snake.
orbital-eunuchs-sniper / snipe2d(6)
Snipe2d orbital eunuchs sniper is an overhead shooting game
snowballz / snowballz(6)
Fun rts game featuring snowball fights with penguins
aisleriot / sol(6)
A collection of card games which are easy to play with the aid of a mouse.
sopwith / sopwith(6)
Classic aerial combat shoot em up game
spacearyarya / spacearyarya(6)
A third person shoot'em-up
spacezero / spacezero(6)
Explore and conquer all space
filters / spammer(6)
Assorted text filters
scid / spf2spi(6)
Chess database and utility programs
scid / spliteco(6)
Chess database and utility programs
spout / spout(6)
A simple cave-flying game.
springlobby / springlobby(6)
A spring lobby
springlobby / springsettings(6)
Gui to configure spring options and settings
fortunes-de / spruch(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
starfighter / starfighter(6)
2d scrolling shooter game
stax / stax(6)
Stax is a collection of puzzle games.
stella / stella(6)
Atari 2600 emulator
stockfish / stockfish(6)
Free uci chess engine, to calculate chess moves
stormbaancoureur / stormbaancoureur(6)
Simulated obstacle course for automobiles
filters / studly(6)
Assorted text filters
sudoku / sudoku(6)
Sudoku board game
supertransball2 / supertransball2(6)
Thrust type of game
supertux / supertux(6)
A classic 2d jump 'n run sidescroller game
supertuxkart / supertuxkart(6)
Supertuxkart a kart game featuring tux and friends
fortunes-de / suppe(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
tali / tali(6)
A variation on poker with dice and less money.
tatan / tatan(6)
Pointing stg shooter game
scid / tcscid(6)
Chess database and utility programs
tdfsb / tdfsb(6)
A 3d filesystem browser.
tecnoballz / tecnoballz(6)
A breakout like game.
xteddy / teddy(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
teeworlds / teeworlds(6)
Teeworlds client
teeworlds-server / teeworlds-server(6)
Teeworlds server
teg / tegclient(6)
Tenes empanadas graciela client
teg / tegrobot(6)
Tenes empanadas graciela robot
teg / tegserver(6)
Tenes empanadas graciela server
tenace / tenace(6)
Bridge hand viewer and editor
tenmado / tenmado(6)
Hard-core shoot 'em up game in blue-or-red world
tennix / tennix(6)
Tennix a funny 2d tennis game with network play support
tetrinet-client / tetrinet-client(6)
Textmode client program for tetrinet
tetrinet-server / tetrinet-server(6)
Server program for tetrinet
tetrinetx / tetrinetx(6)
Tetrinet server
torcs / texmapper(6)
Texture auto mapper
renpy-thequestion / the_question(6)
A simple visual-novel game with the ren'py engine
tint / tint(6)
Clone of the original tint
tinymux / tinymux(6)
The tinymux mush server
titanion / titanion(6)
Strike down super high-velocity swooping insects
scid / tkscid(6)
Chess database and utility programs
toga2 / toga2(6)
Toga2 is a uci-only chess engine.
tomatoes / tomatoes(6)
Tomatoes smashing game
toppler / toppler(6)
Clone of the old "nebulous" game
torcs / torcs(6)
3d racing cars simulator game using opengl
torus-trooper / torus-trooper(6)
Speeding ship sailing through barrage
tourney-manager / tourney-manager(6)
Perl interface to run chess engine tourneys
torcs / trackgen(6)
Terrain generator for tracks
trigger-rally / trigger-rally(6)
Trigger 3d rally racing car game
triplane / triplane(6)
A side-scrolling dogfighting game.
triplea / triplea(6)
Turn based strategy game
tintin++ / tt++(6)
Classic text-based mud client
tumiki-fighters / tumiki-fighters(6)
Sticky 2d shooter
tuxfootball / tuxfootball(6)
Great 2d soccer (sometimes called football) game
tuxmath / tuxmath(6)
A math game for kids with tux
tuxpuck / tuxpuck(6)
"shufflepuck cafe" clone
scid / twic2scid(6)
Chess database and utility programs
tworld / tworld(6)
Tile world
typespeed / typespeed(6)
Test your typing speed and get your fingers' cps.
uligo / uligo(6)
Tsumego (go problems) practice tool
filters / uniencode(6)
Assorted text filters
unknown-horizons / unknown-horizons(6)
Realtime simulation game
filters / upside-down(6)
Assorted text filters
val-and-rick / val-and-rick(6)
Shooter game
vectoroids / vectoroids(6)
A vector-based asteroid-shooting game written in libsdl.
vodovod / vodovod(6)
Lead the water from the house to the storage tank
fortunes-de / vorspeise(6)
Print a random german adage regeln - print a random german peasant's maxim
warmux / warmux(6)
A convivial mass murder game.
warmux-servers / warmux-index-server(6)
Warmux index server
warmux-servers / warmux-server(6)
Warmux server
warzone2100 / warzone2100(6)
3d real time strategy game
wesnoth-1.10-core / wesnoth-1.10(6)
Battle for wesnoth, a turn-based fantasy strategy game
wesnoth-1.10-core / wesnoth-1.10-nolog(6)
Battle for wesnoth, a turn-based fantasy strategy game
wesnoth-1.10-core / wesnoth-1.10-smallgui(6)
Battle for wesnoth, a turn-based fantasy strategy game
wesnoth-1.10-core / wesnoth-1.10_editor(6)
Battle for wesnoth, a turn-based fantasy strategy game
wesnoth-1.10-server / wesnothd-1.10(6)
Battle for wesnoth multiplayer network daemon
wfut / wfut(6)
Worldforge update tool
whichwayisup / whichwayisup(6)
2d platform game with a slight rotational twist
widelands / widelands(6)
Fantasy real-time strategy game
wing / wing(6)
A galaga clone
wizznic / wizznic(6)
Implementation of the arcade classic puzznic
wmpuzzle / wmpuzzle(6)
Windowmaker dock app 4x4 puzzle
mgt / wrapmgt(6)
Wraps long lines in smart-go files to make them safe to post or email
xabacus / xabacus(6)
Abacus x widget
xmabacus / xabacus(6)
Abacus x widget
xteddy / xalex(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xaos / xaos(6)
Fast interactive real-time fractal zoomer/morpher
xmpuzzles / xbarrel(6)
Barrel x widget
xpuzzles / xbarrel(6)
Barrel x widget
xbill / xbill(6)
Save your computers from wingdows [tm] virus
xboard / xboard(6)
X graphical user interface for chess
xteddy / xbobo(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xbomb / xbomb(6)
A version of the popular minesweeper program with some novel features.
xteddy / xbrummi(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xbubble / xbubble(6)
An x window based puzzle bubble clone
xchain / xchain(6)
Chain reaction, strategy game for 2-4 players
xteddy / xcherubino(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xcowsay / xcowdream(6)
Display a cute cow and speech bubble.
xcowsay / xcowfortune(6)
Display a cute cow and a fortune quote in a speech bubble.
xcowsay / xcowsay(6)
Display a cute cow and speech bubble.
xcowsay / xcowthink(6)
Display a cute cow and speech bubble.
xmpuzzles / xcubes(6)
Cubes x widget
xpuzzles / xcubes(6)
Cubes x widget
xmpuzzles / xdino(6)
Dino x widgets
xpuzzles / xdino(6)
Dino x widgets
xteddy / xduck(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xevil / xevil(6)
An evil game
xevil / xevil-serverping(6)
Check the status of an xevil server
xfireworks / xfireworks(6)
Fireworks in the root window on x.
xgammon / xgammon(6)
An x11 backgammon for linux
xteddy / xhedgehog(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xmpuzzles / xhexagons(6)
Hexagons x widget
xpuzzles / xhexagons(6)
Hexagons x widget
xinv3d / xinv3d(6)
X invaders 3d
xjig / xjig(6)
The jigsaw puzzle
xjig / xjig-random(6)
A random jigsaw puzzle
xjump / xjump(6)
A jumping game for x
xteddy / xklitze(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
koules / xkoules(6)
Action game for x11
xletters / xletters(6)
Catch falling words
xletters / xletters-duel(6)
Catch falling words
lincity / xlincity(6)
A city/country simulation game.
xmabacus / xmabacus(6)
Abacus x widget
xmahjongg / xmahjongg(6)
Colorful solitaire mah jongg game
mancala / xmancala(6)
Simple board game for human player and computer
xmpuzzles / xmball(6)
Masterball x widget
xpuzzles / xmball(6)
Masterball x widget
xmpuzzles / xmbarrel(6)
Barrel x widget
xmpuzzles / xmcubes(6)
Cubes x widget
xmpuzzles / xmdino(6)
Dino x widgets
xmpuzzles / xmhexagons(6)
Hexagons x widget
xmille / xmille(6)
X window mille bourne game
mah-jong / xmj(6)
Programs for playing mah-jong
xmpuzzles / xmlink(6)
Missing link x widget
xpuzzles / xmlink(6)
Missing link x widget
xmpuzzles / xmmball(6)
Masterball x widget
xmpuzzles / xmmlink(6)
Missing link x widget
xmpuzzles / xmoct(6)
Octahedron x widget
xmoto / xmoto(6)
X-moto2d motocross platform game
xmpuzzles / xmpanex(6)
Panex x widget
xmpuzzles / xmpyraminx(6)
Pyramid x widget
xmpuzzles / xmrubik(6)
Magic cube x widgets
xmpuzzles / xmskewb(6)
Skewb x widgets
xmpuzzles / xmtriangles(6)
Triangles x widget
xteddy / xnamu(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xmpuzzles / xoct(6)
Octahedron x widget
xpuzzles / xoct(6)
Octahedron x widget
xteddy / xorca(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xmpuzzles / xpanex(6)
Panex x widget
xpuzzles / xpanex(6)
Panex x widget
xpat2 / xpat2(6)
Generic patience game for x11
xteddy / xpenguin(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
phalanx / xphalanx(6)
Wrapper for phalanx
xphoon / xphoon(6)
Displays the phase of the moon on the root window
xpilot-ng-utils / xpilot-ng-replay(6)
Playback an xpilot session.
xpilot-ng-client-sdl / xpilot-ng-sdl(6)
An sdl/opengl xpilot client.
xpilot-ng-server / xpilot-ng-server(6)
Server for multiplayer space war game.
xpilot-ng-client-x11 / xpilot-ng-x11(6)
X11 client for multiplayer space war game.
xpilot-ng-utils / xpilot-ng-xp-mapedit(6)
Edit block based xpilot maps.
xpilot-ng-common / xpngcc(6)
Xpilot ng control center.
xteddy / xpuppy(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xmpuzzles / xpyraminx(6)
Pyramid x widget
xpuzzles / xpyraminx(6)
Pyramid x widget
xqf / xqf(6)
3d action game launcher and server browser
xracer / xracer(6)
A racing game in the style of psygnosis' wipeout
xmpuzzles / xrubik(6)
Magic cube x widgets
xpuzzles / xrubik(6)
Magic cube x widgets
xteddy / xruessel(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xscavenger / xscavenger(6)
A plattform game for x
xscorch / xscorch(6)
Annihilate enemy tanks using overpowered guns.
xshisen / xshisen(6)
Shisen-sho puzzle game for x11
xshogi / xshogi(6)
Xt/athena user interface for gnushogi
xskat / xskat(6)
A card game for 1 to 3 players.
xmpuzzles / xskewb(6)
Skewb x widgets
xpuzzles / xskewb(6)
Skewb x widgets
xsol / xsol(6)
X solitaire
xsoldier / xsoldier(6)
A space-based shoot'em up game
xsystem35 / xsystem35(6)
Program to play system 3.5 games
xteddy / xteddy(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xteddy / xteddy_test(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xteddy / xtoys(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xmpuzzles / xtriangles(6)
Triangles x widget
xpuzzles / xtriangles(6)
Triangles x widget
xtron / xtron(6)
A simple version of the old classic tron
xteddy / xtrouble(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xteddy / xtuxxy(6)
Cuddly teddy bear for your x windows desktop.
xwelltris / xwelltris(6)
3d tetris like popular game similar to welltris
xye / xye(6)
Puzzle game
xzip / xzip(6)
xjokes / yasiti(6)
Draws funny things on an xdisplay
yics / yics(6)
Yahoo! chess client for use with fics interfaces
zatacka / zatacka(6)
Arcade multiplayer game like nibbles
zaz / zaz(6)
Arcade action puzzle game
zec / zec(6)
Z-shell empire client
zivot / zivot(6)
Simple console game of life