antigrav [ options ]


This manual page documents briefly the antigrav command.

antigrav is a multiplayer flying saucer racing game, made for Assembly 2006 game competition.


-h, --help

print this help, then exit

-f, --fsaa

enable full screen antialiasing

-w, --windowed

run in windowed mode

-r, --resolution=RES

set resolution to RES, 1024 for 1024x768, 800 for 800x600, etc

-H, --height=HEIGHT

sets the height of the display to HEIGHT, to be used when an aspect ratio of 4/3 is not desired.


antigrav was written by Riku Salminen and Calle Laakkonen.

This manual page was written by G\[:u]rkan Seng\[:u]n <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).