springlobby [-nc|--no-crash-handler] [-cl|--console-logging] [-gl|--gui-logging] [-l|--log-verbosity NUM]

springlobby [-h|--help]


Springlobby is a multiplayer / singleplayer lobby for spring.

Spring is a free Real Time Strategy (RTS) game engine originally designed to play Total Annihilation (© 1997 Cavedog) content and evolved to a general rts engine capable to run different kind of games (mods).

It is mainly designed around online multiplayer games but can be played in single player mode against different AI.


-h, --help

Prints the options help message and exits.

-nc, --no-crash-handler

Don\(cqt use the crash handler (useful for debugging)

-cl, --console-logging

Shows application log to the console(if available)

-gl, --gui-logging

Enables application log window

-l, --log-verbosity=NUM

Overrides default logging verbosity, can be:

0 - no log
1 - critical errors
2 - errors
3 - warnings (default)
4 - messages
5 - function trace



Contain the path used by spring and springlobby to save downloaded files and temporary datas.

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More information about the spring can be found on link:


Springlobby was written by the springlobby developers.

This manual page was written by Marco Amadori <\m[blue][email protected]\m[]\s-2\u[1]\d\s+2>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).