purity-ng [OPTION]... list|FILE|TESTNAME


Purity is an interactive purity test program with a simple, user interface and datafile format. For each test, questions are printed to the your terminal, and you are prompted for an answer to the current question. At a prompt, these are your choices:

  • y      Answer "yes" to the question.
    n      Answer "no" to the question.
    b      Backup  one  question, if you answered it incorrectly, or someone is watching you take the test, and you don\[aq]t (or do) want to admit a different answer.
    s      Print your current score on the test you are taking.
    q      Quit the test, and print the current score.
    ?      Print a help screen for the current prompt.

At the end of the test, your score is printed out. For most purity tests, lower scores denote more \[lq]experience\[rq] of the test material.



print current version of purity-ng

-h, --help

show the help message and exit


print the test without prompting for answers.


decrypt the test using the Rot 13 algorithm.

To get a list of all purity tests available globally on your system, run purity-ng list.


purity was originally written by Eric Lechner in 1989. purity-ng is a reimplementation of purity in Python for modern systems, written by Simon Fondrie-Teitler and Luke Faraone.

This manual page was written by Luke Faraone.


If you find bugs in the application, please report these to <> or to your distribution's distributor.

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Running purity-ng format provides documentation about the datafile format.

Additional documentation is available online at <>.