wmail [OPTIONS]


wmail is a Window Maker docklet watching your inbox, which is either a ordinary mbox or a directory conforming to qmails Maildir format. It provides a nice little GUI displaying some useful pieces of information about your inbox.

-display <string>

display to use

-c, --command <string>

command to run on button-click ("xterm -e mail" is default)

-i, --intervall <number>

number of seconds between mail-status updates (1 is default)

-f, --familyname

tickers the family-name if available

-fps, --frames <number>

ticker frames per second

-s, --shortname

tickers the nickname (all before the '@')

-sc, --symbolcolor <string>

symbol color-name

-fc, --fontcolor <string>

ticker-font color-name

-bc, --backcolor <string>

backlight color-name

-oc, --offcolor <string>

off-light color-name

-bg, --background <string>

frame-background for non-shaped window

-ns, --noshape

make the dockapp non-shaped (combine with -w)

-n, --new

forces wmail to show new mail exclusively

-mb, --mailbox <string>

specify another mailbox ($MAIL is default)

-e, --execute <string>

command to execute when receiving a new mail

-sf, --statusfield

consider the status-field of the mail header to distinguish unread mails

-rs, --readstatus <string>

status field content that your client uses to mark read mails

-fn, --tickerfont <string>

use specified X11 font to draw the ticker

-h, --help

shows this help text and exit

-v, --version

shows program version and exit

-w, --windowed

runs the application in windowed mode


wmail recognizes the following environment variables:


The location of the inbox you are using


Other mailing mechanisms like POP or IMAP are not supported. Use a tool like fetchmail to retrieve POP or IMAP based mail.


wmail was written by Sven Geisenhainer. This man page was written by Felipe Augusto van de Wiel.