tolua++5.1 [ options ] input_file


tolua++5.1 is a program to help in building applications using the tolua++5.1 library for the Lua scripting language.


Command line options are:


Print version information.

-o file

Set output file; default is stdout.

-H file

Create include file.

-n name

Set package name; default is input file root name.


Parse only.


Parse and print structure information (for debugging).


disable support for c++ strings


substract 1 to operator[] index (for compatibility with tolua5)

-L file

run lua file (with dofile()) before doing anything


disable automatic exporting of destructors for classes that have constructors (for compatibility with tolua5)


disable warnings for unsupported features (for compatibility with tolua5)


disable cleanup of included lua code (for easier debugging)

-E value[=value]

add extra values to the luastate


export a list of types asociates with the C++ typeid name


don't print warnings to the console


Print usage information.

Should the input file be omitted, stdin is assumed; in that case, the package name must be explicitly set.


This manual page was originally written by Filip Van Raemdonck <[email protected]> and Jimmy Kaplowitz <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system. It was expanded for tolua++5.1 by Cesare Tirabassi <[email protected]> for the Ubuntu GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).