timblclient -h host -p port [-i inputfile] [-i outputfile] [--batch] [-b basename]


timblclient connects to a TimblServer on 'host':'port' and sends it the normal instructions. (see timblserver )


The timblclient options are

-i inputfile

a series of timblserver commands.

When BATCH is specified, inputfile is supposed to be a 'normal' Timbl testfile. Every line is send to the timblserver as a 'classify' command. Default is stdin.

-o outputfile

Where to put the results. Default is stdout.


When --batch is specified, the input from 'inputfile' is not interpreted as timblserver commands, but as instances that will be send 'as is' prepended by a classify instruction.

-h host

connect to the server on 'host'

-p port

connect to 'port' on 'host'

-b basename

set the base in TimblServer to 'base'


This is just a simple testprogram, and rather clumsy.


Ko van der Sloot [email protected]

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