sdcv [ options ] [list of words]


sdcv is simple, cross-platform text-base utility for work with dictionaries in StarDict's format. The word from "list of words" may be string with leading '/' for using Fuzzy search algorithm, with leading '|' for using full-text search, string may contain '?' and '*' for using regexp search. It work in interactive and not interactive mode. To exit from interactive mode press Ctrl+D. In interactive mode, if sdcv was compiled with readline library support, you can use UP and DOWN keys to work through history.


-h --help

display help message and exit

-v --verbose

display version and exit

-l --list-dicts

display list of available dictionaries and exit

-u --use-dict filename

for search use only dictionary with this bookname

-n --non-interactive

for use in scripts


Force sdcv not use conversation to locale charset, output in utf8


Force sdcv not use conversation from locale charset, suppose that input in utf8

--data-dir path/to/directory

Use this directory as path to stardict data directory. This is mean that sdcv search dictionaries in data-dir/dic directory.


Use ANSI escape code for colorize sdcv output




Place, where sdcv expect to find dictionaries. Instead of /usr/share/stardict/dic you can use everything that you want, just set STARDICT_DATA_DIR enviroment variable. For example, if you have dictionaries in /mnt/data/stardict-dicts/dic, set STARDICT_DATA_DIR to /mnt/data/stardict-dicts.


This file include last $(SDCV_HISTSIZE) words, which you seek with sdcv. SDCV use this file only if it was compiled with readline library support.


Environment Variables Used By sdcv:


If set, sdcv use this variable as data directory, this is mean that sdcv search dictionaries in $STARDICT_DATA_DIR\dic


If set, sdcv wrote in $(HOME)/.sdcv_history only last $(SDCV_HISTSIZE) words, which you seek using sdcv. If it is not set, then last 2000 words saved in $(HOME)/.sdcv_history.


If SDCV_PAGER is set, its value is used as the name of the program to use to display the dictionary's article.


Email bug reports to dushistov at mail dot ru. Be sure to include the word "sdcv" somewhere in the "Subject:" field.


Evgeniy A. Dushistov, Hu Zheng