midi2ly [OPTION]... FILE


Convert MIDI to LilyPond input.


-a, --absolute-pitches

print absolute pitches

-d, --duration-quant=DUR

quantise note durations on DUR

-D, --debug

debug printing

-e, --explicit-durations

print explicit durations

-h, --help

show this help and exit

-i, --include-header=FILE

prepend FILE to output

-k, --key=ALT[:MINOR]

set key: ALT=+sharps|-flats; MINOR=1

-o, --output=FILE

write output to FILE

-p, --preview

preview of first 4 bars

-q, --quiet

suppress progress messages and warnings about excess voices

-s, --start-quant=DUR

quantise note starts on DUR

-S, --skip

use s instead of r for rests

-t, --allow-tuplet=DUR*NUM/DEN

allow tuplet durations DUR*NUM/DEN

-V, --verbose

be verbose


show version number and exit

-w, --warranty

show warranty and copyright

-x, --text-lyrics

treat every text as a lyric


  • $ midi2ly --key=-2:1 --duration-quant=32 --allow-tuplet=4*2/3 --allow-tuplet=2*4/3 foo.midi


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The full documentation for midi2ly is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and midi2ly programs are properly installed at your site, the command

  • info midi2ly

should give you access to the complete manual.