cbootimage [options] configfile [inputimage] outputimage


This manual page documents briefly the cbootimage command.

cbootimage is used to generate flashable bootimages for Tegra devices. It requires a config file and an output filename. The config file contains information about the boot config table (BCT) and the bootloader. The BCT can be created using bct_dump (1). The bootloader is typicly uboot. You can find examples of the config file in the "SEE ALSO" section.


-h, --help, -?

Display help message.

-d, --debug

Output debugging information.


Generate the new bct file.


Specify the odm_data(in hex).

-t, --tegra NN

Select target device. Must be one of: 20, 30, 114, 124. Default: 20. This option is deprecated

-s, --soc NN

Select target device. Must be one of: tegra20, tegra30, tegra114, tegra124. Default: tegra20.

-u, --update

Copy input image data and update bct configs into new image file.


File with configuration information.


Input image name. This is required if -u|--update option is used.


Output image name.

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bct_dump(1), tegrarcm(1).

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Examples for config files (link to URL


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