simple-cdd [options]



Specify a configuration file


Specify a distribution (etch, lenny, sid)


Enable graphical installer by default


Set defaults for serial console


Generate a local mirror


Do not generate a local mirror


Select profiles (Examples in /usr/share/simple-cdd/profiles/ directory)


Profiles only used while building the CD


Pre-select and automatically install these profiles


List of packages to be included on CD's local package repository


Select locale (language and country)


Select keyboard (console-keymaps-at/keymap debconf question)


Specify debian mirror (The default is:


Specify securty mirror (The default is:


List the mirror tools to be used (The defaults are both wget and reprepro)


List of kernel packages to be included on the CD


Display the usage message


Use qemu to test the built image


Only issue a warning if a preseeding file is invalid


Specify distribution to pull simple-cdd-profiles udeb from


Specify additional distribution to pull udebs from


simple-cdd --profiles x-basic -g

Build a custom image using the default options, except for using the graphical installer by default and the x-basic profile (/usr/share/simple-cdd/x-basic.*)


This manual page was written by Gustavo Franco <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used for others).