This program parses the \s-1APT\s0 lists for source packages and the dpkg status file and then lists every package with a higher version number than the one installed.

It may prove very useful if the \*(L"deb\*(R" entries in your \s-1APT\s0 sources.list point to stable and the \*(L"deb-src\*(R" entries point to unstable. With this program you are easily able to find out if there is a newer version of eg. Program \s-1XXXX\s0 in unstable.


Optional command line parameters are the \s-1DPKG\s0 Status file to use, the path to \s-1APT\s0's list files and a package name. There are also options to display: all source-packages, verbose messages, version-only and command-line help.



Reads installed packages from \s-1FILE\s0 instead of /var/lib/dpkg/status. \s-1DIRECTORY\s0 specifies the path to \s-1APT\s0's list files, defaults to /var/lib/apt/lists/. Prints out the installed-package/source-package version Information for \s-1PACKAGE\s0. Prints version only if used together with --package. Prints out all available source-packages with version. Prints out verbose messages. Prints out command-line help.


Dennis Schoen, [email protected]

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apt\|(1), dpkg\|(1)