Herwig++ (read|run) [OPTIONS]... [FILE]


Herwig++ is a multi-purpose Monte-Carlo event generator for particle physics. See arXiv:0803.0883 for a detailed manual, or arXiv:1101.2599 for a more general description of the physics behind MC event generation.

One of the commands 'read' or 'run' is required:

  • read - reads an input file and creates a run file,

  • run - reads a run file and generates events.

-h, --help

Print help and exit


Print help, including hidden options, and exit

-V, --version

Print version and exit

Event generation options:

-N, --numevents=LONG

Number of events to generate.

-s, --seed=INT

The random number generator seed.

-t, --tag=TAG

A tag to append to the run name. (default=`')

-d, --debug=INT

Set the ThePEG debug level.

-D, --debug-fpe

Enable floating point exceptions. (default=off)

-q, --quiet

Disable event counter. (default=off)

Plugin library options:

-l, --append=PATH

Append a search path for dynamically loaded libraries.

-L, --prepend=PATH

Prepend a search path for dynamically loaded libraries.


This manual page was written by Lifeng Sun <[email protected]> for the Debian system (but may be used by others).