Welcome to Module::Package. This tutorial is for people who want to package modules for \s-1CPAN\s0, who want to make sure they are doing it the best they can, but who also want to spend more time working on their code than on becoming an expert packager. This tutorial is also for people who want to take their time and effort spent on packaging, and share new ideas and tricks with others.

I'll start by taking a typical Makefile.PL written with Module::Install and show you how to turn this into various Module::Package configurations, eventually ending up with a single line Makefile.PL. Then I'll show you the ins and outs of making your own Module::Install plugin module to handle your common needs.

Makefile.PL 2.0

I won't start with 1.0. Those days are long past. Here's what a typical Makefile.PL looks like these days.

    use strict;
    use inc::Module::Install;

    name            'Foo-Bar';
    all_from        'lib/Foo/';
    build_requires  'Test::More';



... This doc is a work in progress. Stay tuned ...

Here's the the final version:

use Module::Package 'All:good';


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