htmlcopy a source \s-1HTML\s0 file into \s-1DESTINATION\s0. If the \s-1HTML\s0 file have links to images, other \s-1HTML\s0 files, javascripts and cascading style sheets, htmlcopy changing link path in the \s-1HTML\s0 file to keep the link destination.

When \s-1DESTINATION\s0 is omitted, the modified \s-1HTML\s0 is written in the standard output. Also it is assumed that output location is the current working directory.

\s-1SOURCE\s0 and \s-1DESTINATION\s0 should be cleanuped pathes. For example, a verbose path like '/aa/bb/../cc' may cause converting links wrongly. This is a limitaion of the \s-1URI\s0 module's rel method. To cleanup pathes, Cwd::realpath is useful.


-h, --help

Print a brief help message and exits.

-m, --man

Prints the manual page and exits.


Tetsuro \s-1KURITA\s0 <[email protected]>