nfsiostat [[<interval>] [<count>]] [<options>][<mount_point>]


The nfsiostat command displays NFS client per-mount statisitics.


specifies the amount of time in seconds between each report. The first report contains statistics for the time since each file system was mounted. Each subsequent report contains statistics collected during the interval since the previous report.


If the <count> parameter is specified, the value of <count> determines the number of reports generated at <interval> seconds apart. if the interval parameter is specified without the <count> parameter, the command generates reports continuously.


Define below


If one or more <mount point> names are specified, statistics for only these mount points will be displayed. Otherwise, all NFS mount points on the client are listed.


-a or --attr

displays statistics related to the attribute cache

-d or --dir

displays statistics related to directory operations

-h or --help

shows help message and exit

-l LIST or --list=LIST

only print stats for first LIST mount points

-p or --page

displays statistics related to the page cache

-s or --sort

Sort NFS mount points by ops/second


show program's version number and exit



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