ipsvd-cdb cdb cdb.tmp dir


ipsvd-cdb scans the directory dir, and compiles all relevant information for an internet protocol service daemon, ipsvd(7), into the newly created constant database cdb.tmp. If cdb.tmp exists, it will be destroyed. ipsvd-cdb then renames cdb.tmp to cdb. If cdb exists, it will be destroyed.

ipsvd-cdb skips filenames starting with two dots.

If ipsvd-cdb has trouble building the constant database, it exits with an error message, and leaves cdb unchanged.

RELATED TO ipsvd-cdb…

ipsvd(7), tcpsvd(8), sslsvd(8), udpsvd(8), ipsvd-instruct(5)


Gerrit Pape <[email protected]>