\*(C`gvpectrl\*(C' [-ckgs] [--config=\s-1DIR\s0] [--generate-keys] [--help] [--kill[=\s-1SIGNAL\s0]] [--show-config] [--version]


This is the control program for the \*(C`gvpe\*(C', the virtual private ethernet daemon.


-c, --config=\s-1DIR\s0

Read configuration options from \s-1DIR\s0.

-g, --generate-keys

Generate public/private \s-1RSA\s0 key-pair and exit.

-q, --quiet

Suppresses messages the author finds nonessential for scripting purposes.


Display short list of options.


Attempt to kill a running \*(C`gvpectrl\*(C' (optionally with the specified \s-1SIGNAL\s0 instead of \*(C`SIGTERM\*(C') and exit.


Show a summary of the configuration, and how gvpe interprets it. Can also be very useful when designing firewall scripts.


Output version information and exit.


If you find any bugs, report them to \*(C`[email protected]\*(C'.

RELATED TO gvpectrl…

gvpe\|(5), gvpe.conf\|(5), gvpe\|(8).

\s-1GVPE\s0 comes with \s-1ABSOLUTELY\s0 \s-1NO\s0 \s-1WARRANTY\s0. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the file \s-1COPYING\s0 for details.


Marc Lehmann \*(C`<[email protected]>\*(C'.