ftpcloudfs [OPTIONS]



FTP-CloudFS is an FTP server acting as a proxy to Rackspace Cloud Files or to OpenStack Object Storage (Swift). It allows you to connect via any FTP client to do upload/download or create containers. It supports pseudo-hierarchical folders/directories as described in the Rackspace Cloud Files API and the OpenStack Object Storage API.


-h, --help

  • show this help message and exit

-p PORT, --port=PORT

  • Port to bind the server default: 2021.

-b BIND_ADDRESS, --bind-address=BIND_ADDRESS

  • Address to bind by default:


  • Number of workers to use default: 1.


  • Memcache server(s) to be used for cache (ip:port).

-a AUTHURL, --auth-url=AUTHURL

  • Auth URL for alternate providers(eg OpenStack)

-v, --verbose

  • Be verbose on logging.

-s, --service-net

  • Connect via Rackspace ServiceNet network.

-f, --foreground

  • Do not attempt to daemonize but run in foreground.

-l LOG_FILE, --log-file=LOG_FILE

  • Log File: Default stdout when in foreground


  • Enable logging to the system logger (daemon facility).


  • Pid file location when in daemon mode.


  • UID to drop the privilege to when in daemon mode


  • GID to drop the privilege to when in daemon mode


"Juan J. Martinez" <[email protected]>