cyr_dbtool [ -C config-file ] [ -n ] <db file> <db backend> <action> [ <key> ] [ <value> ]


cyr_dbtool is used to manage a cyrusdb file. The usable actions are:

show [<prefix>]

get <key>

set <key> <value>

delete <key>


You may omit key or key/value and specify one per line on stdin. Keys are terminated by tab or newline, values are terminated by newline.

Running without any options will list the available database backends and usable actions.

The 'consistency' command runs a consistency check on the DB by calling 'myconsistent' on it.

cyr_dbtool reads any applicable configuration options out of the imapd.conf(5) file unless specified otherwise by -C. note that the file locations are NOT read out of the configuration file, and must be supplied on the command line.


-C config-file

Read configuration options from config-file.


Create the database file if it doesn't already exist.



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