ceph-post-file [-d description] [-u *user] file or dir ...


ceph-post-file will upload files or directories to for later analysis by Ceph developers.

Each invocation uploads files or directories to a separate directory with a unique tag. That tag can be passed to a developer or referenced in a bug report ( Once the upload completes, the directory is marked non-readable and non-writeable to prevent access or modification by other users.


Basic measures are taken to make posted data be visible only to developers with access to infrastructure. However, users should think twice and/or take appropriate precautions before posting potentially sensitive data (for example, logs or data directories that contain Ceph secrets).


-d *description*, --description *description*

Add a short description for the upload. This is a good opportunity to reference a bug number. There is no default value.

-u *user*

Set the user metadata for the upload. This defaults to whoami\(ga@\(gahostname -f.


To upload a single log:

ceph-post-file /var/log/ceph/ceph-mon.\(gahostname\(ga.log

To upload several directories:

ceph-post-file -d 'mon data directories' /var/log/ceph/mon/*


ceph-post-file is part of the Ceph distributed storage system. Please refer to the Ceph documentation at for more information.

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