airtun-ng [options] <interface name>


airtun-ng creates a virtual tunnel interface (atX) for sending arbitrary IP packets by using raw ieee802.11 packet injection.


-H, --help

Shows the help screen.

-x <pps>

Sets maximum number of packets per second.

-a <BSSID>

Specifies the BSSID for the iee802.11 header. In WDS Mode this sets the Receiver.

-h <SMAC>

Specifies the source MAC for the iee802.11 header.

-i <iface>

Sets the capture interface.

-r <file>

Specifies a file to read 802.11 frames.

-y <PRGA-file>

Is the name of the file, which provides the keystream for WEP encoding. (No receiving, just transmitting of IP packets.)

-w <WEP-key>

This is the WEP key to en-/decrypt all traffic going through the tunnel.

-t <tods>

Defines the ToDS and FromDS bit in the ieee802.11 header. For tods=1, the ToDS bit is set to 1 and FromDS to 0, while tods=0 sets them the other way around. If set to 2, it will be tunneled in a WDS/bridge.

-m <netmask>, --netmask <netmask>

Filters networks based on bssid ^ netmask combination. Needs -d, used in replay mode.

-d <BSSID>, --bssid <BSSID>

Filters networks based on the <BSSID>. Used in replay mode.

-f, --repeat

Enables replay mode. All read frames, filtered by bssid and netmask (if specified), will be replayed.

-s <transmitter>

Set Transmitter MAC address for WDS Mode.


Bidirectional mode. This enables communication in Transmitter's AND Receiver's networks. Works only if you can see both stations.


airtun-ng -a 00:14:22:56:F3:4E -t 0 -y keystream.xor wlan0

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