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This section lists the applications included with Amanda. See the individual man pages for instructions on using them. For complete How-To information, consult the Amanda wiki at

amgtar(8), - use GNU Tar to backup and restore data.

ampgsql(8), - use PostgreSQL's continuous WAL archiving.

amraw(8), - use open and read to read the data.

amsamba(8), - use smbclient to backup and restore data.

amstar(8), - use star to backup and restore data.

amsuntar(8), - use native tar on Solaris to backup and restore data.

amzfs-sendrecv(8), - use zfs to create a snapshot and use 'zfs send' to generate the backup.

amzfs-snapshot(8), - use zfs to create a snapshot and for use with other applications (e.g. amgtar)


An application is defined in amanda.conf(5) as follows:

define application-tool $appconfigname {
   plugin "$pluginname"

and then referenced in a dumptype as

define dumptype $dumptypename {
   program "APPLICATION"
   application "$appconfigname"

Application properties, like Amanda configuration parameters, are insensitive to case, and - (dash) and _ (underscore) may be used interchangeably.

See the individual plugin documentation for properties applicable to each plugin.

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