The dradio(1) configuration is a simple XML file with a list of menu items. This file should be edited, to reorder, to remove, or to add playlist URL's to fit your preferences. See dradio-config(1) for help to regenerate the configuration.



The root element.

<item label="LABEL" src="SRC" type="[direct | playlist | rss]" />

A menu item. The LABEL attribute value is the display name of the channel/podcast. The SRC attribute value is the channel/podcast URL. The type attribute determines which kind of URL the SRC points to, and how mplayer must be invoked to play it. If the type is 'direct' no extra mplayer options are applied, if the type is 'playlist' the mplayer -playlist option is applied, if the type is 'rss' it is assumed SRC is a RSS 2.0 podcast URL.



The menu configuration file.

DR netradio direct links page.

DR podcast direct links page.


Jess Thrysoee <[email protected]>

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