#include <oqueue.h>

Inherited by OutgoingDataQueue [protected].


struct TransportAddress

Public Member Functions

DestinationListHandler ()

~DestinationListHandler ()

bool isSingleDestination () const

Get whether there is only a destination in the list. TransportAddress * getFirstDestination () const

void lockDestinationList () const

void unlockDestinationList () const

Protected Member Functions

void writeLockDestinationList () const

bool addDestinationToList (const InetAddress &ia, tpport_t data, tpport_t control)

Locks the object before modifying it. bool removeDestinationFromList (const InetAddress &ia, tpport_t dataPort, tpport_t controlPort)

Locks the object before modifying it.

Protected Attributes

std::list< TransportAddress * > destList

Detailed Description

This class handles a list of destination addresses.

Stores network addresses as InetAddress objects.


Federico Montesino Pouzols [email protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DestinationListHandler::DestinationListHandler ()

DestinationListHandler::~DestinationListHandler ()

Member Function Documentation

bool DestinationListHandler::addDestinationToList (const InetAddress &ia, tpport_tdata, tpport_tcontrol)\fC [protected]\fP

Locks the object before modifying it.

\fBTransportAddress\fP* DestinationListHandler::getFirstDestination () const\fC [inline]\fP

bool DestinationListHandler::isSingleDestination () const\fC [inline]\fP

Get whether there is only a destination in the list.

void DestinationListHandler::lockDestinationList () const\fC [inline]\fP

bool DestinationListHandler::removeDestinationFromList (const InetAddress &ia, tpport_tdataPort, tpport_tcontrolPort)\fC [protected]\fP

Locks the object before modifying it.

void DestinationListHandler::unlockDestinationList () const\fC [inline]\fP

void DestinationListHandler::writeLockDestinationList () const\fC [inline]\fP, \fC [protected]\fP

Member Data Documentation

std::list<\fBTransportAddress\fP*> DestinationListHandler::destList\fC [protected]\fP


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