#include <beagle.h>

Public Attributes

int destinationPartials

int destinationScaleWrite

int destinationScaleRead

int child1Partials

int child1TransitionMatrix

int child2Partials

int child2TransitionMatrix

Detailed Description

A list of integer indices which specify a partial likelihoods operation.

Member Data Documentation

int BeagleOperation::child1Partials

index of first child partials buffer

int BeagleOperation::child1TransitionMatrix

index of transition matrix of first partials child buffer

int BeagleOperation::child2Partials

index of second child partials buffer

int BeagleOperation::child2TransitionMatrix

index of transition matrix of second partials child buffer

int BeagleOperation::destinationPartials

index of destination, or parent, partials buffer

int BeagleOperation::destinationScaleRead

index of scaling buffer to read from (if set to BEAGLE_OP_NONE then use of existing scale factors is disabled)

int BeagleOperation::destinationScaleWrite

index of scaling buffer to write to (if set to BEAGLE_OP_NONE then calculation of new scalers is disabled)


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